money mindset Apr 27, 2020

I work with women with BIG dreams. I am not talking about just making 7 figures. I am talking moguls, Oprah Winfrey and Arianna Huffington game-changing status baby. These women have tremendous visions for their lives and I know they are going to make it happen.

One of the first steps when working with a new client is the typical, “Tell me about your dream day exercise.” You know, the exercise where you share your million-dollar lifestyle. The one where you wake up in a mansion and your private jet is waiting to whisk you off to Paris (or if you’re already from Paris, maybe whisking you to New York! ). After my client is done dreaming, I ask,

“How can you start living that millionaire lifestyle today? Right now?”

99% of the time, I am met with a “Huh?” or “What do you mean?” or “I don’t have the money yet!”

Then I ask again, “How can you start living your millionaire lifestyle right now?”

I insist that my clients make room right now for what’s to come.

Here’s my own personal example:

When I’m a millionaire and I am going to have fresh cut flowers all throughout my mansion. Although my bank account hasn’t reached seven figures yet, I always have at least one vase full of fresh cut flowers in my home. It doesn’t matter if they are the $10 mixed bouquet from the grocery store or a $50 arrangement from the florist.

Every morning when I walk down the stairs and see my fresh cut flowers. I am reminded that they are there because I am an entrepreneur.

My fresh cut flowers are a non-negotiable expense because my big dream is non-negotiable dream.

Acting as if is an important tool to use when manifesting your dreams because it demands you act on faith. It requires you to expect things to come to you as if you already had what you want.

But let’s take a look at the psychological reason why making space for your million-dollar lifestyle right now is so important.

Now I am about to share something with you that will to blow your mind. So sit down. No seriously, sit down. Take a deeeeeep breath. Ready?

Money does not make people happier.

Wait, What? Oh, you knew that? I figured you might.

Psychologists can measure the levels of people’s happiness through various instruments such as inventories and assessments. Here’s a more complex statistic from the research that I think drives the point home.

There is no difference in the levels of happiness between a person that makes $50,000 and $50,000,000.

Let me spell that out for you ’cause this is HUGE – There is no difference in the levels of happiness between a person that makes fifty THOUSAND dollars and fifty MILLION dollars.

Once you have your basic needs met (shelter, food, clothing, and transportation), your happiness levels don’t change no matter how high your income climbs.

So that extra money you make isn’t going to bring extra happiness.

The key to happiness is really finding happiness now. Right now. It’s not about waiting to live the life of your dreams when you get the money, the man, the status, the award, or the whatever. Happiness is about how can you bring the joy into the present moment.

When I look at my fresh cut flowers every day, I imagine I might have the same feeling when I have a mansion full of fresh cut flowers. But then again, I wonder if I would notice because then I would have a mansion and other fabulous things to occupy my attention. So now, my fresh cut flowers serve more as an entrepreneurial gift than they are an expense.

It’s time to step into the joy of what your future lifestyle will afford you because you can have a piece of it right now.

So here’s your assignment.

How can you start living your million-dollar lifestyle right now? Pick one thing in your life that becomes your non-negotiable expense/gift.

  • Want to travel monthly? Well start by saving so you can have a trip at least once a year.
  • Imagine driving a fancy car? Rent one from a luxury dealership for the weekend.
  • Only work 20 hours a week? Start to strategize how you can delegate tasks to an assistant to give you more time freedom.

(Resource: The Simple Mantra to Dramatically Shift Your Self-Worth – Give this mantra a try if you are coming up against resistance implementing this assignment.)

Tell me in the comments below how you are going to start to be a millionaire TODAY!

Deah Robinson is a mindset specialist and success coach. She provides practical researched-based strategies and techniques to help women become wildly successful in every area of their lives.


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