money mindset Apr 27, 2020

Do you feel like you never have enough money?
Don’t have a handle on how much you make (or spend)?
Feel like you’re not hitting your financial goals but you’re not sure why?

Well, I’ve got some great news for you!

There’s a very simple (not scary) daily habit that has completely changed my relationship with money. Not just mine, but lots of women in the Lucky Bee community. Pretty much daily, I’ll see a post in our Bootcamp Facebook group saying, “Denise, I didn’t believe you but I did it and HOLY CRAP, you’re right!”

I usually answer, “YES, I’m a VIRGO. We’re ALWAYS RIGHT”. I often say to my husband “You know you’re going to just do what I tell you eventually, can’t we just skip this resistance part and you just follow instructions in the first place?”

Yes, I’m a joy to be married to, thanks for asking!

Okay, enough curiosity baiting, what’s the one daily habit?

Are you ready?

The life changing habit is tracking your money – EVERY PENNY that comes into your life.

Wait – where are you going? Don’t switch off…. don’t walk away!

I can hear you saying…

Oh, crap THAT? I tried it and it didn’t work for me.


I hate accounting! 

I have people who do that for me Denise

Wait – HOLD UP.

This isn’t about doing more accounting. You totally should be doing that anyway (and preferably by someone else – I don’t care if you “enjoy it”, outsource that stuff so you can focus on making money, not organizing it)

This is an altogether different process – one of MINDFULLY tracking what comes into your life. Accounting is based on facts, money tracking in the manifesting sense is focused on gratitude, awareness and increased abundance.

Even if you’ve tried it before – try it again. Try it every day for a month and then let me know. I’ll get my smug face ready.

How does tracking change your abundance?

Humans are great at making up B.S stories. Women in particular tend to make up stories about our ability and most of all, our deservedness to earn more money.

Stories like:

I’m broke. There’s literally NO money coming in. 

Nobody is buying my stuff. I guess I’m not cut out for being in business.

The Universe doesn’t like me. I’m not lucky like Denise… 

Money tracking daily keeps you mindful of what’s actually going on in your life, helps you appreciate the abundance around you, and sometimes gets your butt into gear to make more money.

But most of all – it stops you feeling bad about money and making up stories about your ability to earn money.

“What gets measured gets improved.”

― Robin S. Sharma,

When you track your income (in very specific Lucky Bee ways), you will notice that increased awareness causes you to change your behavior in positive ways. Plus, the way we do it enhances one of the most powerful emotions for manifesting – GRATITUDE.

And when you feel good about your money, you generally start attracting MORE of it. Have you noticed that it often works in reverse too? When you feel shitty about your money, you sometimes manifest “unexpected” bills, fines and debts.

BTW – Isn’t it funny that “track” and “attract” sound so similar?

When we first started with the LB tracking, my husband and I kept a jar with all of the money we found.

Pretty soon, I realized that I had married a manifesting king. He was finding money, change, even someone just gave him $20, out of the blue.

Then, it got really crazy when he was cleaning out our car one day and found $1300 that we did not even realize we had put away there. I vaguely remember putting it in the secret compartment, but not really why.

All of it added up to over $1500 spare cash in just a matter of a couple of months. There is something to the power of accountability, tracking, gratitude, and expectation. We kept chose to track and be accountable, we regularly give thanks for every penny we find (because increase is increase), and we expect more abundance to overtake our lives everyday. In addition to my complete adoration of DDT, her Bootcamp taught me the power of awareness and expectation in a very practical way pertaining to money.

Carmen Carson,

I hear this a lot. You start tracking and then suddenly you’re finding money EVERYWHERE.

How, why? Magic?

No – it’s like anything when you train your brain to look for it. Like when you fall in love with a particular car and then you see them everywhere. It’s selection bias – a well researched phenomenon. Make it work in your favor by training your brain to look for opportunities to find and make money!

How do you track money “Lucky Bee style”?

There are some subtleties here that you might not tried before. In the Lucky Bitch Money Bootcamp and in my books, I talk about tracking two very different things (and don’t worry, I have some resources for you at the end of this article to make it easy)

#1: Track cash – ALL OF IT

In your normal accounting processes, you would track your business and personal income separately. However, when it comes to tracking money for manifesting purposes, you combine them.


One of the big mistakes that women make is what compartmentalizing money or having rules around what’s real and what’s not.

Many women have actually already hit their financial goals without even realizing it. Yes, it might have come from different sources that you wanted it to, but money is still money. You’re getting pissed at the Universe for not helping you and the Universe is going “Dude – you’ve done it”. The Universe doesn’t care about the source.

Tracking made me realize I’ve been consistently reaching my income goals for months, it just wasn’t showing in ways I was noticing.

Melissa Durgin,

That can lead to frustration and self-blame, because again, you start to make up stories about your ability, rather than seeing what you’ve already achieved.

Money tracking has been key to realizing how abundant I really am, and to increase my gratitude and money awareness…which in turn has increased my income!

Marcela Macias

You’re probably miscounting your true abundance by putting your head in the sand or compartmentalizing your money.

Have you ever thought any of the following?

It only counts if it’s earned from something I like doing

My job income doesn’t count because I really want to be an entrepreneur

Mine is only a hobby business, my partner earns the “real” money

I didn’t hit my goal so what’s the point?

Yeah, I had a good month, but it was a total fluke!

That project/client/payment was too easy. I didn’t really “earn” it 

If a client gives me cash, it’s not real business income

My business income doesn’t count because it’s only a small amount – barely worth counting

Paypal money isn’t “real” money

But my parents gave me that money – it doesn’t really belong to me!

So track all income cash and money. Every coin you find in the street. Every source of job income. Every monetary gift. Interest. Free money. Easy money. Cash money. Paypal money.

Money is money.

You don’t have to be super 100% accurate, this is NOT an accounting exercise. Remember, you won’t be using this for tax purposes. This is for manifesting purposes and will CHANGE YOUR LIFE.

Money tracking has been a game-changer for us, value in particular.

We grossed over a quarter of a million in family income (money and value combined) after the first year of consistent tracking – a HUGE leap from when we first married!

Funny enough, I did an exercise at the beginning of the year in which I filled out my Ideal Spending Plan. I determined then that we needed to bring in $21K per month to make that happen … and guess what? Money and value combined averaged to $21K per month.

Lynn Daue,

This is such a common story. Remember, you might have already hit your goals and you don’t know it. If you’re just counting money from only one source, it’s not a true picture of your full abundance.

How often should you track your money?

Do it DAILY. Because it’s easy to get out of the habit and forget.

I actually do mine multiple times a day on my money tracking app or Google doc (I’ll share mine with you at the bottom of this article). It keeps me focused on money making and each time I record my income, I feel excited and grateful.

BTW – I practice the “cash accounting” method where I only track it when I actually receive it in one of my bank accounts (and yes, Paypal is a bank account) or I actually have it in my possession. That way you don’t track it twice.

Money tracking has allowed me to manifest like a magician. Knowing what goes out and what I would like in… and staying high vibration and letting go. It’s like coming out of a fog. It’s all crystal clear.

Cate Cole,

What if NO MONEY is coming in?

Well – don’t think that this exercise doesn’t apply to you. First of all – it might be coming in and you’re just not counting it. Or second, you’re feeling broke instead of focusing on abundance and gratitude.

And we know from the Law of Attraction that you get MORE of what you already have. If you feel broke, it’s hard to get out of that mindset. All of your “reality” tells you the same thing. You might stay in denial, stop opening your bills or feel powerless about your financial situation.

So you act in ways that don’t serve you. You don’t have the forward motion to create positive action.

That doesn’t mean becoming a Polly-Anna, but you DO have to do something about your mindset. Because how else are you going to have the energy, motivation and self-belief to do anything about it?

When I made the decision to stop burying my head in the sand about my financial situation, I started to track my money. I noticed fees and charges that needed to be removed. I saw where I was overspending and the cost of some decisions. I was able to immediately get over $2k in refunds and have been lowering my debts significantly. 

Dania Vanessa Illescas

When you go days without tracking ANY money, then it’s a wake up call to get into action. Send out invoices, create a sale, send an email to a prospective client, sell something or apply for some part time work.

And seriously – tracking your money and working on your mindset is free, so what have you got to lose?

This brings me to the second form of tracking, and this is a super fun one

#2: Track anything of “value”

Every time you get something free, track it on your value column. If you can value it, add it.

For example – your friend buys you a coffee. Add the cost of that into your value column. You got an unexpected discount on something you were already buying – add into your value column. You get something for free. Add to your value column.

Why is tracking “value” so important?

I’ve noticed that a lot of my Bootcamp students are insanely good at manifesting. In fact, lots of women are. They are brilliant at attracting what they need when they need it, usually by the very skin of their teeth or at the last minute.

Unfortunately for a lot of women, they don’t manifest actual MONEY.

It’s like a massive block, where the Universe takes care of them but without the need for money to go through their hands at all.

Now – I used to be exactly like this! I once won half a million dollars worth of free stuff in one year, but I earned hardly any actual money.

When you track your value as well as cash, it serves two purposes:

1# Gratitude

When you’re feeling broke about not having actual cash, you can feel gratitude for the fact that you still are able to create abundance. It makes you feel lucky and taken care of.

2# Reality check

If you’re regularly attracting more value than money, then it’s a huge reality check to shift the focus on your manifesting. Are you spending more time on trying to win competitions or get free stuff, rather than focusing on making actual money in your business?

The reality check was a HUGE one for me. Once I realized that I was a total super star at manifesting but I didn’t have any actual cash in my bank account, I had to have a hard look at my actions.

I used to be the Queen of Free. I regularly would write restaurants complaint letters so they’d give me free meals. I applied for competitions all the time (and regularly won them!) but I procrastinated on taking actual income producing action in my business.

I even did a ritual where I said to the Universe, “Dude, I’m a big girl now. Thanks for taking care of me, but I’m ready to make some actual CASH now”.

That was a game-changer for me.

So yeah – I’m not saying don’t take free shit anymore -who doesn’t like free food? I’m just saying that intention and focus is incredibly important.

Plus, I noticed that when I was getting free stuff, I just took what was given, regardless of my own personal preference. After all, it was free and nobody wants to be ungrateful.

“Get what you’re given” was definitely drummed into me at a young age. You?

You know what’s better than free stuff? Having the money to buy the EXACT thing you want.

“Where Attention goes Energy flows;
Where Intention goes Energy flows!”
― James Redfield

Now the questions – because seriously. I get a LOT of them on this topic!

Does interest / dividends count?

Yes, money is money

Does money I find on the street count?

Yes, money is money

Does my partner’s income count?

If your intention is to making more of your own money, then no. If you’re doing this experiment as a couple and you don’t care who the money is manifesting through, then count everything you manifest as a couple.

Do loans count as cash?

Only if it’s a gift, not if you have to pay it back.

Do I track expenses as well?

You should totally keep up to date with your expenses, preferably with an online system like Xero or with your Bookkeeper. Remember, this isn’t to replace your accounting or book keeping process. The purpose of this exercise is for you to increase your awareness of money into your life.

Does bartering count as “value received”?

If it’s a straight swap, then no. But if you received more value than you gave out, add the difference into your value column. By the way, not bartering anymore will CHANGE your life. Trust me on this.

Other questions – use your gut

You really can’t screw this up. If you make a decision on how to track something, just be consistent. If it was about accounting, there would be an exact process. But it’s not. The intention is more important than doing it perfectly.

If you procrastinate because you’re worried about screwing it up, you’re missing an amazing opportunity to change the way you think, feel and take action on your money.

How to track? Spreadsheet, notebook, app?

There are three different ways that I’ve done my money tracking. Your method is completely up to you and your personal preferences.

Seriously, none of them have to be fancy.

Paper tracking

You can use literally just a piece of paper with 31 lines on it, for each day of the month.

You use a pen or pencil to put in your totals at the end of the day. This is super easy, although it’s a little harder if you attract a lot of different types of money each day. This was my very first method of tracking, and it was easy and motivating.

Spreadsheet tracking

I like using an online Google Doc that I can access from all my devices. I probably update it several times a day, and just keep adding the figures into the cell, so it adds up the total automatically. I also love being able to see at a glance where I’m at with my daily, monthly and yearly goals.

Resource: Download my money tracking spreadsheet here.

iPhone app tracking

There are already some awesome expenses apps, like You Need a Budget but they don’t really fit the purpose of tracking for manifesting purposes.

Luckily, I’ve created one for you, where you can track income AND value each day, rate how you feel about money and take notes. It also lets you set monthly goals and track how you’re meeting them.

Resource: Download the Lucky Bitch Money Tracker App from the App Store.

Happy tracking!

Denise xx


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