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Hi there, Lucky Bee!

I get a lot of questions about how to take a business to 7 figures and beyond.

People are fascinated and I really get that, because before I got here myself I was totally mystified about how I could possibly ever do it without majorly changing my personality or burning myself out.

There are some really simple and honestly unsexy parts that go into growing a million dollar business, and the great news is that you can start applying them NOW, no matter where you are today.

Let’s uncover them now so that you can get started!


I’ve written about the 7 Success Habits That Took Me to 7 Figures before, but there’s always more to say about it.

The reality is, though, that there are some very unsexy things that go into making a business that makes a million dollars or more per year. How you feel about these things is totally to do with your money personality, which I’ll tell you more about later.

Doing these unsexy but vitally important things can spell the difference between a business that grows quickly or one that stagnates at the same income level for years.

If you want to make it enjoyable and fun, you will… and if you want to make it hard work, then that’s what it’ll be.

Commit to working on your mindset

The first thing I had to do to create a 7 figure business was getting over my own belief I’d have to work much harder than before. I remember thinking when my business was $250k, “How am I going to work four times as hard?”

This belief of, “You have to work hard to make good money” is a money block that has come up for me at every stage of business, and I expect it’ll come up again when I set even bigger goals.

The mindset work never ends. I felt blocked about money when I made my first $225 and when I hit a million dollars.

When you commit to working on your mindset, you clear the way for your business to succeed at all levels.

What money block is stopping you right now?

Upgrade your mastermind

You might have a mastermind (or lady mafia, as I like to call it) already, but don’t skip this if you do.

When I wanted to take my business from 6 to 7 figures, I started deliberately hanging around people who were more successful than me. I did this for two reasons:

  • So that I could believe that it was possible by being around women who had already done it.
  • So that I could see that women earning 7 figures were really normal and nice.

If you don’t have a mastermind, you need to join or create one. If you have one and they’re successful entrepreneurs who are heading in the same direction as you, and who are working towards business goals like you are, then you’re set.

If, however, you’re not feeling like the mastermind you’re in suits the business journey you’re on, for whatever reason… then it’s time to upgrade your lady mafia and stretch your belief of what’s possible!

You have to get focused

This really is one of the common traits that I see in my peers who run million dollar plus businesses. They are focused and they build deep into their Zone of Genius (thanks Gay Hendricks). They don’t reinvent the wheel because they’re bored or distracted by shiny objects!

I have resisted the temptation to try a million different things in my business too. Well, mostly. I did write Get Hitched, Lucky Bitch my book about manifesting your soul mate but I got wise and cut it from my offerings before it scattered my attention.

Instead, I doubled down on my zone of genius and concentrated on money, mindset, and marketing.

Get known for your zone of genius. Money loves clarity.

That’s a classic symptom of my money archetype, by the way – keep reading and I’ll show you how to find yours, too.

Build a strong foundation

There’s a lot of seriously unsexy setup that goes into a 7 figure business. Although now I find systems sexy, because they allow me to make more money without personally burning out.

So many women entrepreneurs only look at the outside, the branding, and the success and forget that there’s a whole heap of necessary infrastructure under the bonnet that makes the whole thing work.

When I was aiming for 7 figures, I had to make sure that I had all of the following in place, with the aim of creating majorly robust systems:

  • Really good customer service systems, like upgrading to Helpscout (a customer service portal) instead of using my Gmail account.
  • An assistant or VA (virtual assistant) to manage tasks that stressed me out or were outside my zone of genius
  • Robust web hosting so we could handle more customers visiting the website (don’t skimp on this, it will stunt your growth… literally)
  • Good bookkeeping and accounting practices so I could forward plan and not have surprise tax bills

You might not need to hire as many people as you think (I actually have a pretty small, lean team) but you have to embrace systems so your business can handle the next level of success without everything falling apart.

And you can start now with what you’ve got, and upgrade as you get bigger. When you’ve got your systems set up, you’ve got a strong foundation to build a successful business.

Make friends with boundaries

I had to seriously upgrade my boundaries when I was ready to take my business to the next level.

So that I could serve more people, I had to change how I interacted in my Money Bootcamp community, and that meant clearly communicating what I could and couldn’t do for members.

I decided that I could answer questions members asked if they served more than just that one person, and were useful to the group. This way, my knowledge reached more people than if I privately messaged with that one person.

I also gave myself permission not to be everything to all people. Now I feel comfortable pushing back and empowering people to find the answers themselves.

So, you need to decide what boundaries you need to create so that you can take your business to 7 figures.

Boundaries don’t make you a bitch, they make you a good CEO!

Upgrade your branding

This is something that I only did after I’d made the 7 figure milestone, and I don’t recommend you invest a ton in your first year.

Slick branding looks really good, but at the same time, it’ll fall flat if your systems and mindset aren’t great. Plus, you should focus on getting clients, not tweaking your website colors.

Then when you have more income, and your marketing systems work well, upgrade your branding to take everything to the next level.

I’ve had many realizations along the way to growing a 7 figure business, and you can read 37 more of them here.


And remember, Lucky Bee: It’s your time, and you’re ready for the next step!

Denise xx


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