money mindset Apr 27, 2020

We all go through stages of feeling bad about ourselves. Do you have those days when you’re convinced that everything you do is crap, you’re never going to make it and why bother anyway?

Yup – every couple of months I have a day when I want to run away, and become like, a Whole Foods cashier or an usher at a movie theatre. Anything with little responsibility and good perks like free movies and discounted coconut water.

Let’s end the year with one really simple but profound question. The exercise is to make a list of everything you’re proud of over the last year. Start with “I’m proud of…” and the all important question is…

What else?

You keep asking yourself that question until you have at least 50 brags.

You can do this exercise at any time – the end of the year is great – but you could do it at the end of a project, the end of a launch, the end of a conference, etc (Imagine doing this at the ending of a relationship…?)

It’s also fun to do it over wine as a celebration. Here’s me and the fabulous Nicola Chatham at a conference where we shared our brags for the year. After the conference, we went up to the top floor of the Sheraton and spent an hour on this exercise.

We took turns and kept asking each other “What else….?”. There were lots of pauses and then “Oh yeah! I forgot about this one!”. It was so much fun, we were buzzing at the end of it.

The list of brags is important but the question “What else?” is extremely important. You’ll probably get stuck at about five things you’re proud of, because you don’t want to brag, you discount your accomplishments or you’ve just forgotten.

I did this with a client recently who thought she had a bad year until we did this exercise. It took us 45 minutes but she ended up with 42 things she was proud of, but it took some digging. That’s why the question is so important. Keep asking and don’t give up.

Bragging is GOOD for you. It’s awesome to remember everything, it’s great for manifesting to acknowledge all your wins, big and small so you can attract even more luck and abundance into the new year. Work on a mix of business and personal, as long as you get at least 30-50 good things.

If you do it by yourself, eventually you’ll run out of steam and move on to something else. For the best results, you neeed a partner to hold the space and to gently ask “What else?”.

As soon as you run out of steam …. what else?
When you think you haven’t done anything good …. what else?
As soon as you think there’s nothing else to celebrate …. what else?
If you tell yourself it was a bad year …. what else?
When you think you’ve written everything …. what else?

Here are just some of mine

  • Created my Lucky Bitch Money Bootcamp
  • Moved house to the penthouse
  • Did 5 trips to the US
  • Had kinesiology, acupuncture, hynotherapy to work on physical and emotional issues
  • Worked with several amazing coaches

Post yours below – would love to hear them and next time you’re having a bad day, have a read over everything awesome you’ve accomplished.

Would love to hear yours too – imagine me saying to you “what else?” every time you get stuck.


Denise xx


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