Hey, Lucky B! Today I’m talking about the dirty secret of passive income. Now, this might be a little bit disappointing to hear, because if you’ve been involved in the personal development industry or the entrepreneurial industry, passive income is like this holy grail that everybody wants.

And I don’t blame you, it’s pretty awesome. But I wanted to have some Denise real talk with you…


Now I wouldn’t go as far to say that there’s this myth of passive income, because I totally believe that you can make money easily. And I absolutely do.

However, something really interesting happens to women when they start trying to make efforts to leverage their income, and it totally happened to me as well.

When I started my business it was just a standard coaching business, right? You’d pay me money and then we’d have the session, and then it’d be done. And I had to constantly market to find new clients. So I wanted to do some more leverage income. To do that I create a group coaching program, so I could have five, ten, twenty people, whatever, on the course.

Now, the workload was still the same, but I was like “Oh, I could make a lot more money doing that.”

Here is a really interesting thing that happened when I started creating those group coaching programs.

First of all I was like “This is amazing,” like it’s kind of passive income. But, I actually started feeling incredibly guilty around it. And I felt myself resistant to marketing my course, because I thought “but I created that already, it’s kind of weird that people are still paying me for it.”

I realized that I had to feel like I was working incredibly hard, pulling the all nighters, like typing away 10 minutes before the deadline, having those one-to-one conversations with people, and honestly just being stressed all the time, to feel like it was worth it.

I was missing the blood sweat and tears part of business, and I felt really guilty about it.

Even though I’d wanted more leveraged income for a long time, when it actually came to be, I was like “This doesn’t feel right. Is this too easy? Am I doing something dodgy here?”

I hear this a lot from other women, they actually have a lot of fears and blocks around this. It’s like well who would I be if this was easy? What if I didn’t have to work so hard? And it does not feel right in your body.

Now, you might be one of those people who are like “What is she talking about? I love passive income, I’ve got no problem receiving it.” That’s all good, this video is probably not for you. Just go off and make your money and enjoy it. But if this is resonating with you, and you think you’re resisting this, well, I’ve got a couple of extra tips for you. They’re going to be really crucial for your success.

Respect your journey

The first one is respect your journey. You’re probably just at the start of your money blocks journey, or you’re totally just on it. I found that creating something that’s passive income actually requires a lot of work at the beginning, not just mindset stuff, but practical stuff. You’ve got to build your newsletter list, you’ve got to have testimonials, you’ve got to create the freaking sales pages, let alone actually creating the passive income vehicle in the first place.

I know a ton of women who have an almost done course sitting on their computer, or they’ve got a not quite perfect eBook ready to go, that could just start making them money. What are they and you resisting? It’s your money blocks, that’s it. You have to deal with that resistance to receiving easy money.

Your money blocks

And the thing is, easy money goes against the grain of this work hard culture that we have. Maybe your parents worked really hard for their money, maybe it feels weird to make money easy, or maybe you feel guilty that other people in your world don’t have the same opportunities and vision as you.

Now, this is crucial stuff, right? This is the stuff that’s going to hold you back. Obviously you need to have the marketing, the mechanism, and all that stuff, the actual product. But the most important thing for you to work on right now is your money block around it.

Passive income will change your life, if you’re willing to change your mindset around it.

It’s your time, and you’re ready for the next step.

Denise xx


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