Ok – so I manifested the opportunity but I still needed to WIN it.

I pulled out all the stops, and there’s SO MANY I want to share with you, but I’m going to start with four really important ones.

Build your network by giving

Even though I’m a serious introvert, I’m a pretty good networker online.

For a while, I have been active in business groups, and (this is important), always show up to GIVE advice and encouragement, but rarely pitching my own stuff.

By activating the Law of Reciprocity, I was already creating a lot of good-will in my community. What you give out, you receive in return.

When the blogging competition came around, I had people around me who were willing to help out by voting, and encourage me in return for the help I had given them freely.

A supportive community is crucial for manifesting big goals. It’s hard to do it all yourself.

 Daily Gratitude 

The Universe loves an “attitude of gratitude” because positivity attracts even more good fortune. The opposite is true too, so watch your negative thoughts.

Even before we won the competition, we had plenty to appreciate in our lives. So, we started a gratitude game before we went to bed each night. We both had to say five things we were grateful for, even if we didn’t feel like it.

We started drifted off each night in a feeling of bliss, already feeling like the luckiest people in the world, instead of stressing about money or our jobs. We were getting ready to receive even more in our life (and boy, were things about to get good!).

Declutter the practical obstacles

The Universe loves action that moves you closer to your goal, especially if you start to act “as if” your goal is already yours. Forward motion begins a life of its own and before you know it momentum starts to build by itself.

We did as many practical things as possible to tell the Universe we were ready, and to prepare for “when” we won. We wanted to show the Universe that we were serious.

First, we scheduled the trip into our diaries. It’s a small thing, but it made it real for me, and also showed up practical problems I needed to take care of when we won. Notice, I said “when”, not “if”. These little tweaks matter.

For example, the honeymoon job clashed with a wedding of a close friend. Was I prepared to miss it?

Yes. I was.

Let me share the most serious and practical action we took, that I’ll guess none of the other contestants were brave enough to do.

Before we even got short-listed into the Top 10 finalists, we started the process to rent out our apartment.

There were only ten days, between when the winners were announced and when the job started. So when (not if) we won, it would be too stressful with everything else to do.

So, as an act of faith, we decided to take care of that problem first. We found tenants for our apartment, and kept decluttering our possessions.

Otherwise, it was energetic clutter that was hanging over our heads. Oh, and I told my friend that I couldn’t come to her wedding because I’d be traveling. This is key – it was a definitive “no”, rather than “we might be travelling”.

Because I was going… NO MATTER WHAT. I was willing to go travelling anyway, and this is an important distinction – I wasn’t caught up in winning the competition as the only way. I decided that we were going anyway, and the competition got swept up in my conviction. Do you see the difference?

We even decided to go one step further and give notice at our jobs.


Yes. Ultimate act of faith.

Our bosses thought we were crazy, but honestly, I was going travelling no matter what. Whether it was this competition or something else, I was going. 

Am I suggesting that you quit your job and let go of all of your possessions willy nilly?!

NO – I’m just saying that sometimes you have to be brutally honest in the pursuit of your dreams, and let go of any obstacles in the way. Show up before the Universe does it’s part. Don’t worry, there are lots of other things you can do first to energetically declutter – I’ll show you how with a free resource in a bit.

After taking care of two massive big obstacles, we went into the final competition with all of our mental baggage worked out. We were mentally, emotionally and practically ready to pack up our lives and we took the action to prove it.

Be positive and never let it go

I never entertained the thought that we wouldn’t win. I visualised the moment when they would call our names. “Mark and Denise!”, I would repeat to myself all throughout the day at my job. It spurred me on to do actions that scared me, like cold-calling reporters to drum up publicity to impress the competition judges.

To remind myself to be positive, I wore my favourite necklace every day (and to the final). It’s a silver disk with the word Yes on one side, and No on the other. Every day I looked at that necklace on the Yes side and said to myself “Yes, I’m ready”.

I wore that necklace every day at the final weekend, in our interview with the judges and up on stage when they called our name.

“And the job goes to… Mark and Denise!”

The mindset piece is probably the most important. You have to be so focused on your goal that everything else is just detail.

Now, this might sound really intimidating, but I actually automate this part now, so I don’t have to think about it too much, and it works even better!

I’ll explain more in my manifesting workshop which you have FREE access to today.

Just to recap some important lessons:

  • Write down your goals (even if you have NO idea of how to achieve them)
  • Build your network by just five people and start building some good karma capital
  • Think of 5 things you’re grateful for in your life
  • Take one action towards your dream (even just scheduling it in your diary)
  • Give yourself permission to say “yes” to your dream



Denise xx


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