It was time to get serious about my goals. Two months before I even found out about the competition, I found myself increasingly frustrated with my life and desperate for change.

I was itching to go travelling and was dreaming constantly about taking off to explore the world like many of our friends. However, it seemed like a bad time. We had quite a bit of wedding debt left over, we had our flat and our cats… etc etc.

Despite all the reasons “why not”, I was ready to do something different.

An important LoA principle is to get really clear on what you want, so I wrote down my new goals in pretty minute detail. Here’s what I came up with and remember, I still didn’t know about the Ultimate Job competition.

I wanted to…

  • Take six months off and travel the world with Mark
  • Get paid £3000 a month while I was travelling
  • Be a published author and speaker

I wrote this in my diary daily and on a postcard that I stuck on my window to look at again and again. I even had a plan about how I was going to do it (the universe just had a different solution in mind).

My idea? I was going to start an internet business and sell ebooks while I travelled the world with Mark. So, I started working on that every day and night; blogging, marketing and keeping my focus on the feeling of being free to travel with Mark.

I worked on my dream every day so when this amazing opportunity came along, I recognised it as a nudge from the universe. How serious are you about this?

Not only did the job entail six months luxury travel for both of us, the salary was €20,000 (ie. roughly GB£3,000 per month) and the job came with a daily blog and a monthly column in the Irish Times. Tick, tick and tick!

(BTW, I should have specified £3000 after tax and just for me, not the two of us, but the Universe will always give you what you ask for, so be specific!)

But of course, I only attracted the opportunity. We still had to win the damn thing! But don’t you think the knowledge that I manifested the exact, perfect opportunity custom-made for me made me feel confident about the outcome? You bet!

To win the competition, I pulled out every trick in my LoA Manifesting handbook. I think I used at least 50 practical and metaphysical techniques to win this competition. It was that important to me and do you think I’d let it get away? No chance!

After specifying your goals and writing them down (very important), there’s still a lot more work you can do to influence the outcome. Curious?

Here’s what I did to win…

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