money blocks Apr 27, 2020

I think because I teach money blocks, people think that I must have a perfect relationship with money. Nope, not at all.

In my experience, talking to entrepreneurs at all levels about their success, it’s an inevitable part of being in business. Not even millionaires and multi-millionaires are immune to the occasional freak out about money, and if they are growing rapidly, they will hit their own self-imposed limits regularly.

That’s the good and bad news, right?

The good news is that you’re entirely NORMAL. And the bad news is that you’ll never fully be clear of money blocks completely!

The even BETTER news is that it doesn’t really matter that much. You can learn to recognise them, dance with them and move on – all while increasing your income to new heights.

Let me illustrate with a recent example of how my old personal money block has recurred in different ways over the last three years.

I used to be embarrassed to share my failings with you, but it’s SO important to hear the real deal of business – warts and all. (If you want someone perfect to learn from, I’m not your gal!)

My recurring money block is…

“Making money can’t be easy. It has to be hard work”.

It came up for me when I started charging my first clients. I had given away a bunch of sessions in return for testimonials, but I knew that I had to start making actual MONEY if I wanted to make my business survive, and my husband was starting to make noises about me getting “a back up job…. just in case this doesn’t work out”.

So, I pulled up my big girl panties and charged a package of six sessions for $45 each. Nothing groundbreaking but it felt comfortable for me.

Immediately, I had this feeling of,

“Can I really just help people with their problems and they’ll pay me? That seems too easy”

It felt icky. Unseemly.

Because – I come from a family where people WORK for a living. You know – they clean things, build things, make stuff, organise people or you know …. other “real jobs”.

This didn’t seem like a real job. It felt too easy and I got a lot of enjoyment out of it. In fact, after my first session with a client, I had this amazing feeling of “THIS is what I’m meant to be doing!”. 

So, it’s weird that after years of reading books like “Do What You Love & The Money Will Follow”, that I WAS doing it and it felt like I was going to get into trouble for it. SO MUCH ickiness.

But anyway – I did some money clearing work on it – and soon was loving my client load (and the money I earned). YAHOO! I increased my prices quite rapidly over the next year without too much drama and honestly, I thought my income would just keep going up forever.

Then it came up again. I hit a new plateau and NOTHING would shift it.

Are you serious Universe – I thought we cleared this sh-t!

This time it was when I created my first ever group program. Instead of working with people 1:1, I decided to teach everything I knew in a six week online course (largely thanks to what I learnt in business courses like Marie Forleo’s B-School).

So, instead of teaching individual sessions with each person, I cut my workload down drastically but still made great money out of it by grouping them together. The participants LOVED it and it was cheaper for them than working with me 1:1.

It felt like cheating. I felt terrible about it.

It was the same old shizzle. My old block that money couldn’t be easy, it had to be HAAAARD. But again, using the tools I talk about in my book and Money Bootcamp, I worked on those feelings and my income started rising again.

Until the next time.

The first time I ran my Money Bootcamp, it was a big old stress. I pulled all nighters getting the sales page together, I was still creating handouts minutes before I sent them out and I got VERY little sleep during the sales period. I’m sure you’ve been there!

But because it was so much work, I felt like I really “earned” the money. After all, I lost sleep over it! I sweated over it almost like a “real job”!

So – when I turned the course into a home study version, suddenly, it wasn’t that much work. Everything was already created so it felt like cheating again to make money out of something that didn’t require a lot of blood, sweat and tears. I knew the material was great and the results were still phenomenal… but it felt too easy for me.

Everytime someone bought the Bootcamp, I felt like screaming, “Wait!! Let me come over to your house, and I’ll help you open it and do the exercises. Let me “earn” your sale”.

It was my old friend – my own personal money sabotage.

It’s not that big a deal to start clearing this stuff – especially when you have the support of a mastermind, but it always feels real, you know?

So, that was about a year ago, and guess who turned up recently? You guessed it! My old devil!

It was triggered when I was approached by Laura Roeder to partner up for a joint venture. We were both affiliates for Marie Forleo’s B-School and she suggested we partner up. I was pretty excited and flattered about it. But then Laura said something that triggered my old money block friend,

“I know you’re about to have a baby – so my team will do all the work for you”


Again, the same old feelings…

– This is too easy
– How can I make money when it’s not hard?
– Am I really ready to partner with someone like Laura?

Now – the monetary figures are completely different. We’re not talking about a $45 transaction anymore. But the feeling is very familiar.

It’s the same weird icky feeling you get when you make your first ebook sale or when you’re working on your sales page with the dream of passive income dancing in your head. It’s why you procrastinate and sabotage your success EVEN THOUGH you’re getting what you’ve always wanted.

Humans are so weird!

That’s why I constantly say – PERFECTION IS NOT THE GOAL. You’re not working towards a complete absence of money blocks. You have to learn to move through them regardless and KEEP moving forward.

Yep – you see, it’s not just about “New Level, New Devil” – in fact, it’s often “New Level, OLD Devil” because your personal blend of sabotage will pop his head up regularly.

As I said, mine comes around every six months or so. Every time I hit a new income plateau. Even though I teach money blocks – I still don’t have a perfect relationship with money. Even though I have a multiple six-figure business, I’m still not immune to money crap. I’m sure that I’ll freak out when I get close to a million dollar business because that ole Devil will tell me it’s too easy.

The difference now of course, is that I can get out of it much quicker. I don’t have to wallow in misery and spiral out of control – and of course, the number figures are higher. But it’s the same old stuff.

If you’re just starting out – you might think I’m crazy. After all, you might think that once you get to six figures, your life will be perfect. YOU will be perfect. Nope. You’ll still be YOU – just with a bit more money! Ditto as a millionaire.

Interesting huh?

So, have a think about YOUR recurring money blocks and what you’re making them mean.

When they come up, don’t let yourself get into a “I’m not meant to be rich” death spiral. Just laugh and say “there you are again you old Devil!”

You can totally handle it!

Denise xx


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