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Hey, gorgeous Lucky Bee. Today, we’re talking about – what else?

Money blocks!

In particular, we’re talking about crucial times in your business when dealing with your money blocks is super important!

Lucky Bitch Video Transcript – When Do Money Blocks Affect Your Business The Most?

Money blocks, when do they come up? Oh, my god. When do they NOT come up?

They will come up again and again in your business. Just when you think you’ve dealt with them, they will come up again and again.

That’s the bad news.

You might be thinking, “WHY?!! Can’t I just deal with it one time and that’s it?”

No. It’s not like that, so don’t beat yourself up if you are experiencing another money block and you really thought that you had it beaten.

It’s just like getting up and having a shower; you have to do it every day. Otherwise, you start to stink a little bit.

That’s just how it is.

Let’s talk about some crucial points in your life where they might come up more than others.

Starting your business? Money blocks will come up!

If you’re just getting your business started right now, this is where your money blocks can really derail you and make you feel like you’ve got a lot of resistance and procrastination. This might be the first time that they have even come up for you.

Most of the time in a job, you don’t get blocked about money. Maybe you’ve never experienced money blocks before.

Now, suddenly you are having to set your own prices, somebody’s asking you, “Can I get a discount on that?” or “Would you like to barter?”

All these things are happening and it’s all new.

The first time you get a refund request, it’s new. The first time you get someone complaining about your course or having a complaint, that’s new.

Every time that that happens, you are going to feel like you can’t get past it. Luckily that’s not the case.

The good news is that things that scare you today around money, in the future, won’t even be a problem.

You’ll just be like, “Oh, refund request. We’ve got something to deal with that. Oh, complaint? Okay. We’ve got a procedure in place for that as well.

It’s going to be really, really easy.

But the first time you do anything, it’s a rite of passage. It’s just something that every entrepreneur has to go through.

The funny thing is though, a lot of people want to quit when they have an awkward or difficult money conversation.

Your only job is to get through it;

you’re not going to die,

it’s okay, you can survive and you can work your way through it.

If you’re new in business, big hugs to you because this is the time when you really have to work on your money blocks and you really have to be vigilant about your thoughts and feelings about money.

Launching something? Money blocks will come up!

Money blocks will come up at very critical points in your business, like when you are launching something new.

This is when you start to second guess your pricing; you look around and compare everyone’s prices.

You start to second guess every single part about your business.

You start to ask yourself, “Am I worth it? Am I enough? Did I do enough?”

This is when you start to overcompensate and you start to putting more and more and more into your products and programs because you want to over give, you want to be seen to be generous and you feel like it’s not enough.

That’s a huge one for women, thinking, “This is not enough. I have to give more. I have to give more bonuses!”

The best thing you can do at this stage is just to follow your launch plan.

Know that those gremlins are really normal and it just means you’re going to the next level and you’re facing some resistance around it. If you’ve gotten through those money blocks at the start of your business, then it’s going to be much easier at those other critical points to get through them as well.

Remember, launching in your business is such an emotional thing and emotions can be heightened. You have to be very careful that you’re not making up stories about yourself during those time.

Stories like, “I’m not good enough. Nobody wants my stuff. Everyone else has got it together and I don’t.”

Really, really watch those stories. They will kill your business and they’re not even true!

Hit an income plateau? (Spoiler alert… MONEY BLOCKS)

The third most popular time that you might hit your money blocks is when you’ve hit an income plateau.

This is when your money blocks are really going to come up because you might start to tell yourself stories .

“This is the most amount of money you’ve ever been able to make in your life and any success you’ve had so far has been a fluke. You’ll never, ever earn more money than this.”

These money blocks and this real negative self-talk can be so destructive for women. But you can’t quit and you can’t give up.

You can rise above your own self-limiting beliefs about money and your ability to earn it.

If you’ve hit an income plateau right now, make sure you check out this video right here

Got a big money goal? Money blocks will find you!

Now, the last time that you’re probably going to hit your money blocks is when you’ve set a new big goal like going to six figures or seven figures. Something that is really symbolic to you.

You might just think, “But surely when I hit six figures my life will be perfect. Surely when I hit seven figures I will just be this amazingly perfect human being.”

Nope, it doesn’t work like that.

You are still going to be the exact same person you are now with the same thoughts, feelings, fears and self-limiting beliefs about money.

But, when you have the tools, you will be able to recognize your money blocks quicker, you’ll be able to recognize your own self-sabotage and move through it as well. And you’ll have the armor and the fortitude to keep on going no matter what, until the next one.

That’s the good and bad news. You’re always going to have money blocks is the bad news. The good news is you get better and better at dealing with them.

You might be wondering what is your particular money block? What are some of the blocks that you have? I’ve got a really easy resource to figure that out. It’s at DeniseDT.com/blocks

You can figure out which one of the most common blocks that entrepreneurs have, which one that you are really suffering from at the moment and where did it come from. What belief is behind it?

Once you know it, you can clear it.

Next time it comes up, you’ll be able to recognize it and give it the flick much quicker so you can move on and really create that First Class life and business that you’ve really been wanting.

Please share this video with a friend, share it in your entrepreneurial groups because money blocks are just such an important topic for female entrepreneurs and we all have the responsibility to clear them, not just for ourselves, but for the rest of our communities as well.

Again – grab that free workshop at DeniseDT.com/blocks

Have yourself a lucky day!

Denise xx


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