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Today I’m sharing with you my tips for creating an e-course that brings you abundance and could one day be a million dollar course!

So if you’re interested in that, read on. I’ve got some great tips for you.


Lucky Bitch Video Transcript – How to Create A Million Dollar Course

I just came off a call with one of my mastermind buddies. We were talking about creating courses.

I was telling her how we’ve had more than 1,800 women (now 2500) go through my Money Bootcamp. And she asked me, “Does that mean it’s a million dollar course now?” I was like, “Oh, yes it is! Thank you for pointing that out to me. I didn’t even notice!”

Here are some really important lessons I have learned in creating a course that has created so much abundance over the years and has helped a lot of women.

Lesson #1: Track your numbers.

That sounds really obvious but it just didn’t occur to me that we’d hit that milestone until someone else pointed it out.

I obviously teach people to track their income but I had totally forgotten to do it with actual student numbers too!

Tracking means that you can celebrate how far you’ve come, and set even bigger goals for the future.

Lesson #2: Start Before You’re Ready

You might not be aware of this but the Money Bootcamp in its current form is not how it started. It actually started in 2011 as a manifesting course and then so many people wanted me to talk about money that I turned it into a money course in 2012.

The first version of the course was me in my pyjamas in my office. I had a really random background and just used my iPad. It was just me talking straight to camera and in some of the lessons, I wasn’t even wearing makeup.

It was literally all I could do at the time.

It was all I could do in terms of time, energy, money, etc.

But I wanted to share that information with people. If I hadn’t done that and started in a really imperfect way, I would not have created the course that I have today.

The second version of the course I upgraded a little bit. I actually got my hair done, I put makeup on, and I hired a film guy to come and do it. Again it was an upgrade but it was also exactly where I was at the time.

The most recent version was a massive production, with makeup artists, hair peeps, stylists for the set, fashion and a full film crew.

But you don’t have to start like that.

So many women procrastinate and wait until they’re perfect, but that is seriously costing you money in your business right now.

You just have start where you are right now and have a passion in your heart for sharing that information with your community.

So start before you’re ready. It’s a huge lesson I’ve learned.

Just start.

Lesson #3: Be Really Good at One Thing

The second lesson is to get really good at one thing. 

You might disagree with me if you’re someone who likes to do a lot of different stuff and that’s great.

But really, where my abundance has come from is because I got really good at one thing and being very clear on that one thing. For me, that has been sharing my passion around money and going deeper in that area for my clients.

I don’t talk too far off the topic. Even when I talk about business and marketing, I always bring it back to money.

I don’t write for men. I write for women. (Men totally do read this blog – Hi GUYS – but I primarily write for the chicks).

Because then I’m not pulled in lots of different directions. I know exactly what I’m here to do.

Know your job and don’t try and be everything to everyone. Clarity in your message is the fastest way to abundance.

Lesson #4: Be Known for Your One Thing

Actually market yourself and get known for doing one thing really well.

I see so many people in my industry doing different things all the time. Their newsletters are on completely different topics each week, and every month they are coming out with a different product.

When you mix your messages, potential customers get confused like, “What can I learn from you this week?” and I did that myself. 

My first couple of years, I was like “Wow! I could do the Lucky Bitch soul mate course, Get Hitched, Lucky Bitch.” And, “I can do Get Fit, Lucky Bitch.

There were so many directions I could have gone with the brand but I wanted to get known for one thing.

So if I ask people now what I’m known for, most would say money blocks and that’s why I’ve been able to create such an abundant course because people have a clear path, “Okay I’ll buy her book. I’ll watch her videos. What’s next? Join her Money Bootcamp.

So when you get really good at one thing, your abundance can grow quickly because people know what they can get from you. You’ve got that consistent brand. And money LOVES consistent and clarity.

Bonus tip #5 – and this is the most important!

You need the right mindset to create passive income.

This one really did screw with me at the beginning of my business because when I started making passive income from courses, I felt incredibly guilty.

It hit a lot of my money blocks (like you have to work hard to make money). I felt like I was cheating and like I didn’t earn it properly. And this is something that can really derail you.

You can learn HOW to put together a course – but if you don’t have the right mindset, you will totally sabotage yourself (or procrastinate from actually doing anything about it)

When you have BOTH – amazing things will happen.


Denise xx


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