manifesting Apr 27, 2020

About a year ago I was talking to my husband about me being fed up with my day job.

I’m the owner of a translation agency and, although my business was doing great, I had come to resent my clients, my projects and even some of my translators because I felt like everybody wanted something from me ALL THE TIME.

Also, everything had to be done, clarified, looked into and organized NOW which used to be fine, but had become increasingly difficult for me after having kids.

I mean, I wasn’t even able to answer the phone anymore because my son and daughter love talking to strangers and try and grab the handset as soon it starts ringing.

My friends find that very cute. CEOs and big clients not so much.

Feeling increasingly dissatisfied with my business situation I started to dream about a second career which would allow me to keep on working from home, finally have flexible hours, choose my clients, and to simply enjoy earning my daily bread again.

Besides being an economic translator, I am also an orthomolecular nutritionist and mindfulness coach, so I was already “qualified” to start something new.

A year ago, this was still a dream which I first thought wouldn’t come true any time soon.

But the idea had gotten to me and I started visualizing my new life every single day.

I painted my coaching business in the brightest colors, and I developed an immense desire to just go for it and see what happens.

Driven by my visions, I launched a website in April this year with my mum, mother-in-law, and my best friend being the only readers of my blog.

Fast forward eight months and I have…

  • 1,000+ subscribers now
  • become a regular contributor to several big health & wellness blogs
  • my own wellness & lifestyle columns for two online magazines both in the US and Australia
  • written three eBooks, one of which could be turned into a “real” book, if I decide to team-up with a doctor who has fallen in love with my work.
  • become a WordPress pro
  • learned how to make videos and put together professional designs

Also, I was asked to develop a new brand together with 30 life coaches who are going to change the world BIG time.

We will publish an eBook in December this year and are working on a series of webinars right now.


I am about to launch an incredible program/ hybrid therapy which will instigate sustainable lifestyle change and support people in becoming as healthy, happy, and radiant as they can possibly be. One of the pillars my program is based upon is visualization & manifestation.

These are incredible tools that unleash a power in us which helps us achieve the most amazing results.

Admittedly, our visualization skills require practice and we have to actually use them every day so that they can do their magic and help us accomplish all our goals and more.


Each and every one of us can learn tho use these tools effortlessly, and we can see results within the shortest time.

Although I haven’t been able yet to completely let go of my translation agency and focus solely on my new career, I have accomplished insane things within the past 8 months.

The contact details from the person I want to sell my first business to are already pinned to my visualization board, right next to a graphic with the number of people I want to help change their life next year, so that I can take my second business to the next level, too.

Visualization & manifestation are incredible tools to rewire our brains and let us head for huge success.

We just need to believe in them and use them daily.

Then anything is possible!

Nathalie Chantal de Ahna is an orthomolecular nutritionist & mindfulness coach passionate about showing people how to create a life they’ll love. She is a strong believer in inner balance as the key to health, happiness, radiance and great looks and convinced that anyone’s biological clock can be effectively turned back by vitamin cures and holistic lifestyle strategies.


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