self-love Apr 27, 2020

Not only am a huge fan of what Denise is doing to help women be successful and earn money doing work that they love, I’m also one of her students avidly participating in her bootcamp and free classes. One thing that comes up over and over as we all work on our money blocks, our pricing, and our businesses in general is this:

We don’t believe we are worthy.

As we have learned from Denise, mindset is really at the core of all of it. As she says, it’s “your belief about what is possible for you and your biz.”

So I’ve got something I would like for you to try, as an exercise in believing in yourself and your worth.

I want you to quote yourself.

Quote images are hugely popular right now in social media, and I am certainly on this band wagon. As a visual marketing specialist I am a big proponent of using visual content to spread your brand message and engage with your audience, and quote images are a fantastic way to do this. Quote images can be created by anyone, no design skills needed and let’s face it: quotes or lyrics allow you to say something without having to find just the right words. They are easy!

Recently, I noticed the way Denise was sharing quote images of her own mantras, reminders, and affirmations. I love this because it gives me something that I can pin or share or print out and post beside my desk – something that keeps her instruction front of mind as I go about my daily life.

But then I got to thinking… what if we all did that. What if instead of quoting other people (people we perhaps see as being more worthy, more reputable, or more eloquent) what if we quoted ourselves?

And I had this whole light bulb moment about what that would mean to my own self-worth!

So this is what I propose we all try:

1. Figure out what it is you want to say.

  • What is the thing you just wish everyone in your community would take on board?
  • What do you seem to say to your community over and over? What recurs in your blog posts, your social media posts, your product descriptions or in the products themselves?
  • What does your community know you for? What is your voice inside their head? (Ask them!)

2. Create a list of your own quotes.

  • Be real & keep it simple. This is not a tagline or elevator pitch, this is just you being you, talking about the stuff you really care about with people who care about it too.
  • Get feedback from people who love what you do and think you are awesome. Sometimes you need fresh eyes (or an unbiased opinion!) to get the wording right.
  • Find one that works and copy it. Perhaps you have one thing that you have said, or shared, that really resonates – use that same phrasing or style over and over again. (See Denise’s series of “It’s safe to___.”

3. Get them out there.

  • Create a set of social media shareable images (like the kind you would share on Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, your blog etc.) using a free tool such as PicMonkey or Canva.
  • Create a manifesto, a creed, or a declaration that combines a number of your quotes, phrases or “signature” words. This can take the form of a poster image, a video, even a short book.
  • If you aren’t into doing something visual with your quotes, use the click to tweet app to make your quotes easy to share.

And if it feels kind of scary doing this, remember: it’s not a tattoo. If you write out a few quotes and realize a month from now that they aren’t quite what you meant to say, no problem. Just change it up!

Just keep in mind one thing as you work on this little exercise: these quotes are more about the people you wish to serve than they are about you; they are about adding value to your reader’s lives.

When you do, they will be pinning, sharing, tweeting, and printing your words.

And when they do that, take a moment to absorb the impact you have on people. Trust that what you say really resonates with people. And in that moment remind yourself of this: you are worthy.

Karen Gunton is a teacher, brainstormer and visual marketing specialist. She is passionate about helping business owners SHINE online. Take her FREE visual marketing class to learn how to create your own branded shareable images for social media.


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