manifesting Apr 27, 2020

Sometimes it’s scary to get in the ring.

I for one know the feeling all too well.

Believe me, I’ve spent many days trying to tame a head that’s clanging with questions:

  • What if I’m not ready?
  • What if I’m not good enough?
  • What if I don’t deserve it?

Yet despite these questions, I know I have to keep going. So I show up. Every day. I respond to emails, write blog posts, shoot videos, create courses, speak to clients.

‘Cause the way I see it, my mission is bigger than I am. So much so that I can’t just walk away from it because some fear rears its head from time to time.

The same thing applies when I’m doing deep manifestation work:

I have no choice but to dropkick my fear to the ground and keep on moving.

Because you know what? Things like fear — and its cousin, doubt — can really dilute the force of our manifestations.

That’s why uprooting any limiting beliefs is SO essential when you’re trying to manifest something.

Consistency is Key

For me, I’ve noticed that when I’m consistently doing daily manifestation work, I feel more relaxed, confident, and at ease. All fear and doubts wash away. From this state, I’m able to draw more of what I desire toward me.

Like the time (which I’m sure you read about in the eyebrow-raising title of this post!) when I manifested $10,000 in 12 hours.

Here’s How I Did it

Before I went to bed one night, I took a deep breath and just let my body relax.

I pushed aside any feelings of fear by really connecting to my body through my breath and awareness. This part only took a minute.

Next: I used one of Denise’s awesome techniques from her “Get Rich, Lucky Bitch!” book. It involved pulling out my notebook and writing down ALL my goals. The first thing I wrote down was that I’d like to make $10,000. (Quick side-note: Denise’s book rocks! The techniques she shares are brilliant. I noticed that on the days when I read her book, I somehow magically manifested moolah through channels I’d never accessed before! Yep, just from reading her book. It’s that fierce.)

Next: I got into bed and closed my eyes. Then I started imagining $10,000 coming toward me, as if drawn by a magnet. I pictured this happening over and over.

After falling asleep to this visualization, I woke up the next day feeling completely refreshed.

Best. Surprise. Ever.

Come late morning, I spoke to my husband about the deep manifestation I’d done before bedtime. It felt so powerful to me, I wanted to share it with him.

Well, when I told him I’d done a manifestation for $10,000, his eyebrows rose.

“What?!” he said. “A new client just came onboard and signed a contract for $10,000 earlier today. They’re putting their check in the mail!”

My heart nearly stopped beating. After I got over the initial shock, two words popped into my head: Of course.

Why wouldn’t it have happened? I had seen it, felt it, so deeply in my manifestation process from the night before. Of course $10,000 would appear the very next day.

My husband has a small business, which I’ve helped him run during the past decade.

Since we now have a toddler and I’m working on my own new business, I haven’t been as big a part of the business as I used to. Right now, I’m actually in the (very deep) process of transitioning my own business from live workshops/private sessions to online courses! (I recently took all the old services off of my site, which felt sooo damn good.)

Since I’m undergoing this big transition, it made total sense that the $10,000 would hit his business!!!

Actually, my manifestations have hit my husband’s grid on countless occasions. If you have a partner with whom you’re close, you might notice this occurring with your own manifestations!

Make a Plan

To fully step into your manifesting prowess, here’s what I recommend:

Find a daily manifestation routine that works for you.

That way, not only will you have more focus — and not only will you not waste time or energy trying to determine what to do next — you will have warm, active, open, and MAGNETIC manifestation channels.

Manifestation skills take building, just like any other skills, or talents — or gifts.

And the more our skills, talents, and gifts develop, the less afraid we are to get in the ring.


What manifestation practices do you love the most? It would be great to hear from you! Let’s share and keep inspiring each other to manifest our deepest desires!

Rhoda Jordan is a Teacher + Artist + Speaker. She helps people to connect with their happiest, healthiest, sexiest selves by teaching Meditation + Manifestation Practices + Sexual Empowerment.


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