money mindset Apr 27, 2020

Does money elude you? Does it slip through your fingers like fine sand? Do you visualise yourself being rich and successful and the universe is not providing quickly enough (or at all)?

The way we handle money and abundance can show up in almost every part of our life.

Let me tell you a hilarious experience I had with my coach at the time, Corrina Gordon Barnes; it gave me a huge shock about the way I was handling my finances and how my attitude towards money was showing up in my world.

I was having a fabulous experiential coaching session with Corrina in the Cambridge botanical gardens to discuss my goals for the following year. For each area of my life – relationship, home, health and money, we found a different area of the park to represent what I wanted to achieve in that area. We would use the natural surroundings of the park to discuss how I was doing already and to inspire future goals for my life.

It was a hugely enlightening experience… until we got to my “money”.

I knew that I had money blocks, but I wasn’t prepared to see how obvious they were!

We had just finished “relationships” and I was eager to find my money corner in the park, and plan how much money I was going to make in the upcoming year.

“Where do you want to go?” asked Corrina.

I spied a huge greenhouse on the other side of the park. I could see lush green plants inside. “My money is over there!” I said.

“Let’s go!” said Corrina.

We were both full of enthusiasm as we marched towards the greenhouse which was designed as a series of interconnecting rooms, each growing different types of plants. We walked into this gorgeous space and I immediately saw a room full of tropical trees. It had quite a zen feel to it with smooth stones on the floor and a neat wooden bench.

“Ok, this is my money room. Let’s go in there”

We stood outside for a moment contemplating my money room. It was spacious, clean and perfectly designed – a great choice! I put my hand on the door handle to enter the room… and it was locked. For a second, I pressed my face against the window and looked longingly into the calm space within. Oops, obviously my money wasn’t in there.

We laughed and we moved on. The next room that looked interesting was full of dark green plants and tropical flowers. This could represent my potential abundance nicely. We tried to enter and same story; the door was locked.

By this stage, I was getting a little annoyed. Corrina told me she’d been here dozens of times and the rooms are never locked. What was this saying about my money goals? I said to Corrina, “Maybe the Universe is trying to tell me something here”.

Now I just wanted to find a space and get on with it. The next room wasn’t particularly inspiring, but it was unlocked – hooray! I took a few minutes to walk around and get centred and we started to discuss my money goals for the next year.

Less than a minute into the conversation, a man entered the room.

“You’re not supposed to be in here” he said. “We’re cleaning the rooms”.

Kicked out of my money room! I couldn’t believe it. Now this was beyond a joke. Feeling like a naughty kid, I meekly left and found myself in the very last room. I tried to laugh, but actually I wanted to cry.

I let it all out. I told Corrina my fears about money. That everyone else had it except for me. That it was easy for other people to earn money, but not for me. That I wasn’t allowed to be rich. That bad things happened if you had money.

I always felt like there was a block between me and money and here I was, brutally confronted with the evidence of my belief – a literal wall! I was frustrated and disappointed with myself.

Suddenly, I noticed that the space we were standing in was beautiful. There was the sound of rushing water and ponds of goldfish (both lucky money symbols), the ceiling was huge and actually, there was a lot more space than any of the rooms we’d seen before.

Once I had calmed down, we stood in front of the pond and discussed how I wanted money to show up in my life. I wanted to feel relaxed about it. I wanted it to flow effortless into my life and be available so I could spend it on things that I wanted – nice clothes, great personal development courses, donations to charity and to allow me to pay my bills easily and still have some left over for saving.

I realised that it’s hard to do that when my fundamental belief about money was that I can’t have it. It didn’t matter how much I visualised being rich, it was like I was putting dirty clothes on top of clean ones. Nothing was going to change unless I changed how I truly felt about money and it took physically standing in my money room to realise that.

Little did I know what the universe had in store for me, even more lessons about money! But the first lesson that day was I had to go back to ground zero and examine my basic beliefs. Could the message be any clearer?

What do you believe and how is it manifesting in your life?

Reflection for you

How is your belief around money showing up in your life? How would you describe your money room?

How do you treat money? Do you hold onto it, hoard it, let it go freely or let it pass you by?

What did this story bring up for you?

Tell me your experiences in the comments below,  I’d love to hear from you!

Denise xx


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