money mindset rituals Dec 10, 2020

For most, 2020 has been a tough year. 

No one could have predicted what the last 12 months have thrown at us. 

If you’ve made it through physically and emotionally in almost one piece, you’re amazing. And even if you haven’t, that’s okay too. 

If you’ve had a good year, despite the obvious, then I want you to celebrate this without guilt. 

However 2020 has gone and especially if things didn’t go to plan, I recommend this end of year ritual to close out the year.

You have the power to completely change your experience in 2021.

We know that when the clocks tick over, nothing really magical happens. It’s just a day like any other.

But - I don’t know about you though – it really feels for me like a chance to completely shift things. 

I love the energy of a new year and this year more than ever, I’m longing for calm, health and happiness for all. 

Let’s end the year with one really simple but profound end of year ritual.

This one has completely changed my life repeatedly, and it doesn’t matter how hungover you are on New Year’s Day – it’s an easy one to do. (Or do it over the next two weeks!

The exercise is to make a list of everything you’re proud of over the last year.

Sounds easy, but trickier than it sounds.

First – do this with a partner.

That’s key, so you don’t chicken out and get all bashful, like “I dunno. I guess I did some … stuff..?”

It’s best to do this with someone who gets you and really “sees” you and your accomplishments and who will draw more out of you.

Take turns asking each other what you’re proud of.

Start with “I’m proud of…” and list out things like:

Learning to live in lockdown… Not killing your partner… staying connected with your family… mastering Zoom… going for a walk

Then business accomplishments
Tricky situations that you dealt with
Boundaries you enforced
Goals you hit
Personal accomplishments

Anything that you want to acknowledge yourself for. Don’t be shy or modest. Time to really shine a light on everything you’ve done.

And seriously – it’s kind of hard to remember everything. So, here’s how to take it to the next level.

Your partner simply asks you;

“What else?”

And then silence. No prompting. No jumping in for their turn. Just ask the question “What else?” and wait.

Keep asking until you have at LEAST 50 brags.

There will be lots of pauses, you’ll want to think about the negatives and when you think you’re done you’ll say, “Oh yeah! I forgot about this one!” Just keep asking, “What else?”

Trust me, even after 2020, you’ll be buzzing at the end of it, so don’t give up.

The list of brags is important but the question “What else?” is extremely important. You’ll probably get stuck at about five things you’re proud of, because you don’t want to brag, you discount your accomplishments or you’ve just forgotten.

Did 2020 really really suck?

I once did this with a friend who thought she had a bad year until we did this exercise. It took us 45 minutes and she ended up with 42 things she was proud of, but it took some digging.

That’s why the question is so important. Keep asking and don’t give up.

Recognising everything you’ve achieved in the face of such adversity is SO GOOD for you.

It’s awesome to remember everything, it’s great for manifesting to acknowledge all your wins, big and small so you can attract even more luck and abundance into the new year.

Work on a mix of business and personal, as long as you get at least 30-50 good things.

If you do it by yourself, eventually you’ll run out of steam and move on to something else. For the best results, you need a partner to hold the space and to gently ask, “What else?”

As soon as you run out of brags …. what else?
When you think you haven’t done anything good …. what else?
As soon as you think there’s nothing else to celebrate …. what else?
If you tell yourself it was the worst year …. what else?
When you think you’ve written everything …. what else?

By the way, you don’t just have to do this as an end of year ritual… you could do it monthly or quarterly.

I’d love you to share yours. Go for at least 5! 

Next week I’ll share some of the things I’m proud of this year in my “Year In Review”

Tag me on Insta with your list – would love to hear them big and small (please don’t be shy – brag your butt off) and next time you’re having a bad day, have a read over everything awesome you’ve accomplished.

Imagine me saying to you “what else?” every time you get stuck.

Time to close out 2020 and start writing a new chapter.

xx Denise


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