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Last year I put out a free offering to my tribe, and it was a huge success. But it also got me thinking about how much time do you dedicate to your business each day? And by that I mean, do you clock on and clock off the way you would with a traditional job?

My free offering was a 30 minute video recording of a website review. So I’m giving half an hour of my time and expertise for free – which I loved.

I loved doing the reviews and being in a place of giving. It’s food for the soul.

But it actually takes a lot more than half an hour – the finished product is 30 minutes but first I spend 10 minutes or so quickly perusing the site so I can get right into giving some quality advice. Then it’s time to record the video. Then there’s the after production editing, which is minimal by the way, but you still have to go through the whole half an hour of video to make sure it’s all ok. Then the technical side (what I call ‘crunching it out’) and then uploading to YouTube ready for sharing.

All in all, a half hour review probably takes me around two hours!

But what does that have to do with work hours I hear you asking?

I am very guilty of working on my business from the moment I get up in the morning to the time I go to bed. In fact I was going to sneak off to my office and knock out a couple of reviews one evening when my partner gave me ‘the look’. The “are you friggin kidding me?” look.

Naturally I put aside work for the evening and spent some quality time with my honey.

Just as I think it’s important you have a dedicated work space in your home {even if it is a small desk in the corner of the bedroom} it’s equally important that you put some boundaries in place around WHEN you’re going to work.

Setting your work hours when you work from home

It’s so easy to become all consumed with your business, it’s your baby and you went through real labour pains to birth it into the world.

I know, I hear ya!

I’ve been awake at two in the morning because an idea for a blog post has hit me and it seems imperative that I write it then and there, and yes, the flexibility and freedom of working from home allow this, but is it really a healthy way to be running your business?

Of course not.

Regaining your sanity:

  • Work out how many hours a day/week you can realistically work on your business. You may have a newborn on your hands, school aged kids to consider, still be working your day job, taking care of an elderly parent. The time you have available for your business might be 10 hours, or 20 or 40. Not 24/7.
  • Learn to say ‘no’. I’m a pleaser, so when someone asks something of me I find it terribly difficult to say no. Wasn’t long before I was drowning in trying to get everything done and meet all my commitments. I’ve now learnt that if an opportunity comes along that doesn’t truly align itself with my vision for my business, then I say no. If a favour is asked that is going to take a lot of time and effort on my behalf, I say no.
  • Get organised. Grab a calendar and sort out your schedule…what’s happening when. Every day I write out my top three tasks for that day, and I make sure I get them done! I automate what I can and I’ve got systems in place so that I can outsource stuff to my assistant (like uploading blog posts, scheduling out my newsletters)
  • Batching. This one is such a timesaver! So rather than writing your blog post or newsletter when it’s due, dedicate a few hours and write as many as you can in advance. I actually schedule out a Thursday afternoon once a fortnight dedicated to writing my blog posts and newsletters. Same with shooting video, don’t go to all that effort for one video, shoot a whole days worth and you’ll have tons of content ready to go. Batch smaller tasks like social media and email – I put aside half an hour in the morning, lunchtime and afternoon to read and reply to my emails. I don’t leave my email program open all day, I turn it off after I’ve checked them and I’ve turned off the notifications so I’m not distracted. Batch tasks to save time. It works.
  • Just do it + stick with it. So you’ve only got two hours to spare a day? No problem, turn off all distractions {aka the interwebs} and focus entirely on doing what needs to be done from your task list. No phone calls, no tv, no kids, shut yourself away and really commit to getting things done.

Make your time count.

(Note from Denise: You can see how I set up my business and schedule here.)

The more you take action in a consistent way, the faster you’ll build up momentum and really grow your biz.


Jane Hinchey is a ‘Do It Yourself’ website champion & small business liberator, furnishing you with the tools you need to craft a smokin’ – hot online presence. She’s the creator of the Jane Hinchey Biz Academy and craves tropical holidays, coffee, and sexy shoes! You can check her out at


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