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Hey, it’s Denise here from Lucky Bitch. I’m coming to you live from my dining room and I want to talk to you about worth and money.

Now a lot of entrepreneurs say things like “charge what you’re worth” and I think there are actually some tricky little things behind that sentence.

So, let’s talk about charging what you’re worth and being worth more than actual money.

 Lucky Bitch Video Transcript – How Much Are You Really Worth? And Should You Charge What You’re Worth?

This mantra has been rocking my world recently and it is:

“I am worth more than money.”

Now this is tricky when you’re starting out in business, right?

Because sometimes you’re desperate for the money that you do anything and take on anyone just for the money. And when it comes to charging what you’re worth, that can be a little bit of a tricky conversation, right?

Because you are worth a priceless amount.

So, how do you put an actual charge on it and how do you make sure that you’re not doing things in your business that are against your boundaries or ethics?

How Does it Make You Feel?

Now the first thing is about how it makes you feel. Now I first heard this mantra from my mentor Fabienne Fredrickson, and she had set very clear boundaries about when she would coach people because she had kids to pick up from school and she had people who were saying, “Well, I want to have a session at night…” and she had kind of just said to them all, “I’m going to say no and I will gracefully release you as a client. No problem, because I am worth more than money.”

So, you don’t have to do everything that people want you to do.

Working in Your Zone of Genius

Now another example is doing things outside your zone of genius. Now the zone of genius thing was coined by Gay Hendricks in his book The Big Leap and he talks about doing work that is just in your zone of genius.

Now a lot of us were good at lots of different things, we’re jack of all trades and we can do a lot but it doesn’t mean that you have to.

So, I had a couple of people contact me recently about doing a particular type of business coaching with them. Now I don’t do that anymore. I actually really focus my business on helping women release their money blocks and create a first class life in my Money Bootcamp.

I said that to people, “I’m really sorry. I don’t do that anymore.” And they’re like, “Well, I want to give you money, please let me do it.” Well, you know what? I’m worth more than money. My boundaries and my desire to not do that in my business is worth to me more than that actual money that they could give me.

There’s almost no price that I would accept to do something that I don’t want to do.

So, I want you to think about things in your own life and business:

Where do you feel like you’re taking on things just for the money?

It could be things in your business, working with particular clients, offering particular services and I want you to eliminate some of them that are just not worth the money for you and actually no matter how much someone would pay you to do it, you wouldn’t do it.

Ditto with the clients. If there is someone in your business, the moment a client who is just creating so much drama and stress, you just think no amount of money is worth that and I want you to eliminate them.

So, just to finish up I want you to do this mantra with me. Put your hand on your heart. It’s hard to do with my microphone, take a deep breath, and affirm out loud I am worth more than money.

I am worth more than money.

Do that for the next couple of days and I’d love to hear what comes up for you around it around really valuing your time. It’s got nothing to do with your self-worth and what you deserve but it’s really about you starting to value yourself more than money and paradoxically that’s when the money really starts to flow. When you give it something to flow to, money absolutely loves that clarity and dislikes clutter. Hmm, funny that.

Denise xx


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