money blocks Apr 27, 2020

Which profession or industry do you think has the biggest money blocks?

It’s pretty safe to say that everyone has money blocks, even if they don’t know it yet, and while it’s true that there are many commonalities amongst the women I teach in the Money Bootcamp, some industries have money blocks totally unique to their industry.

And it’s clear too that unless you’re willing to work with and clear your money blocks on an ongoing basis, you’ll self-sabotage and stay stuck. So, stop using your profession as an excuse, and instead find the hidden gold to move past your blocks.

I’ve got the quick and dirty version below but a longer webinar for you if you want to dive in deeper!


Here are the most common universal blocks:

  • I have to work really hard to make money
  • I don’t deserve or I’m not good enough to be wealthy
  • I can’t help people AND make money

These blocks are pretty huge in themselves and I have a lot of resources for you in clearing them, but let’s dive into some common professions and the blocks they have.

Health, Wellness & Fitness professions

Health and wellness professionals, weight loss coaches and anyone who helps clients transform their health or well-being in any way. This industry is hugely prone to burn out as well as (ironically) stress, weight gain, and illness.

So many people working in the health industry have beliefs and fears like:

  • Good health should be free (so I’m being horrible by charging)
  • I’m taking advantage of people’s illnesses
  • I can’t offer people solutions or supplements because I shouldn’t be “salesy”

The whole REASON that people come to you when you’re a health professional is to learn how to better take care of themselves.

Of course, good health is everyone’s birthright but some people need a little more help than others. And they are coming to YOU for a solution.

If they wanted, they could most likely find a low or no-cost solution to DIY it for themselves, but they haven’t.

They’ve come to you for your knowledge, so not giving them what you know – whether that’s your knowledge and skills or a recommendation for a supplement – then you’re not serving them to the best of your ability.

You’re actually stopping yourself from doing the work you’re here to do.

The affirmation “I serve, I deserve” is a really good one to use as a pattern interrupter for these sorts of blocks. It reminds you that you’re being of service to people, and it’s okay to charge in return for your expertise.

Boundaries my friend. This includes asking for payment upfront, creating packages (because that’s really how transformation happens – over time), and sticking to time in sessions.

Working on your self-worth will help you stop attracting clients who want more, more, MORE for less and less money.

Your ultimate less is to role model self-care and well being. Charging well for your services means that you can actually help MORE people. With extra energy and stable finances, maybe you can put your expertise into a book, run online programs or have energetic and financial space to add pro-bono work to your clinic without resentment or burn out.

Coaches & consultants

Coaches often get tied up in their own perfectionism, which can have huge consequences for their abundance.

If you’re a coach but you:

  • Feel like you have to be more successful or earn more than your own clients
  • Feel like a fraud
  • Feel like you have to be “perfect” before you can help others

…then you’ve definitely got the most common blocks in your industry.

I think coaches often feel like this because it’s really common for us to have had the problems that our clients are facing and we want to prove that we’re past them ourselves.

Clearing up the perfectionism is a first step to not self-sabotaging yourself as a coach.

Remind yourself that clients are coming to you for your skills to hold them accountable, to hold the space for their dreams and to help them work through their own feelings of not being good enough.

Give yourself a break and treat yourself with as much compassion as you do your clients.

Finance professionals

Bookkeepers, accountants, financial advisors, etc also have a tendency towards perfectionism. Because you talk about money, you think you have to have everything sorted before you help others.

If you’re a finance professional who feels ashamed because your books aren’t in the sort of order you keep your clients’ books, or because you don’t always follow your own advice perfectly, then you’ve got blocks that are keeping you from helping more people.

You might struggle to charge clients because this comes so easily to you, you wonder why people would pay you to do their taxes or bookkeeping – to you, it’s obvious and easy. BUT NOT FOR EVERYONE!

Also – understanding money blocks will help you attract more clients – because they are worried about YOU judging THEM.

Clearing the perfectionism in yourself will also help you have more compassion for clients who get blocked around working with you in the first place.

Spiritual healers & “woo-woo” businesses

I know so many gifted spiritual entrepreneurs in the Reiki, tarot, feng shui, and other healing worlds who are really blocked about charging for their work.

  • It’s really common to hear, “I can’t charge for my gift!”
  • “It’s unethical to charge for spiritual things”
  • “Nobody wants to pay for spiritual help”

Or they attract clients with a victim mentality or can’t afford to pay or reflect negative feedback about you charging for your gifts.

It’s so important to remember the affirmation, “I serve, I deserve,” and remind yourself that when you release your blocks, more money can flow to you and you’ll be able to help more people!

I have a LOT more to say on this one, so listen to the free workshop at the end of this article (no optin required).

Artists & creatives

If you’re in a creative business, then it’s likely that you’ve got a block around charging for your art.

There’s a real risk that you’re running the “starving artist” script in your life – that you can’t make a living from your art, and that it’s somehow noble to live in poverty rather than “selling out.” It’s as though the art is more real because you’ve suffered.

And another common belief is that “nobody will pay for art” or “people don’t appreciate creativity” and you really will be the starving artist, at least until you clear the blocks.

I know plenty of artists who have made abundant lives and businesses from their art, without having to sacrifice their sanity or their bank accounts … and you can too.


More people than ever are partnering with MLM or direct sales businesses -and YES, money blocks are rife! You have to deal with imposture syndrome about not having a “real” business or worrying about what people will think of you. You got to get over that – make sure you partner with a company with high values and a product you genuinely LOVE and get building!

What if I’ve missed your profession or you want to go deeper?

Recently I hosted a webinar where I went through each of these professions in much more detail and gave some specific clearing tools as well.

Watch the replay below (it’s worth your time)


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