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When it comes to money, sooner or later there’s a wake-up call that happens for each of us.

Maybe the last year has been a massive wake up call for you. Your business might have had to change completely - you realise that your old ways of marketing don't work anymore or maybe you decided that life is too short to do work that doesn't light you up anymore. Often a bad client experience can be the wake up call you need.

There comes a time in every entrepreneur's life when you feel like throwing in the towel. After all - when you start a business - nobody really tells you how much it's going to mess with your confidence.

When I decided to take the leap and go into full time business, with no idea on how I was going to get clients, make money or leverage my burning passion into a thriving enterprise. My family and friends thought that I was a little bit crazy, a little bit delusional and a LOT in over my head.

I started running these cute little goal-setting workshops around town, literally making flyers at home and putting them on café notice boards. As I was driving to one of the workshops in my new outfit, the felt ceiling on my car’s roof fell down around my ears.

In that moment, I thought, “For all my years of personal development, I still have nothing to show for it”. Even though I was a good manifestor, and I was one of the most positive people I knew, I had very little actual money in my bank account to show for it.

And I had this moment of…. “maybe I’m not going to make it… Maybe this isn’t my calling after all” I was devastated. For years, I saw myself as someone who had so much potential, and my lucky break must be just around the corner, but in that moment when I drove to my workshop with the ceiling sagging down around my ears it felt like it was never going to be my turn.

You might have had one of these moments yourself.

Do you ever feel like there is an invisible glass ceiling holding you back from success?

Maybe you've been stuck at a particular income level for years!

Maybe you’re telling yourself that you’re too busy right now or that money isn’t that important to you.

Maybe you have conflicting feelings about wealth – worried that maybe it’s not for you – or that you’ll have to do something outside of your values to really truly make enough money.

If you’re doing all you can, but still not making the financial breakthroughs you KNOW are within your reach, it’s time to do something different. You need a money reset.

If you’re undercharging in your business, feeling like you’re pushing against the flow of money and can’t figure out why it’s all so hard, I’ve got some answers for you that just might crack the code.

I’m Denise Duffield-Thomas, money mindset mentor, best selling author and creator of the Money Bootcamp. I did NOT grow up with a good relationship to money. But I’ve created millions of dollars in business revenue, working to my strengths, and I’ve impacted tens of thousands of women all around the world through my courses and programs. I read ALLL the business and personal development books - but most of them don't talk about WHY we resist making money so much.

So - if you think that you need to get another certificate, lose ten pounds or somehow magically become perfect before you can make money - I'm here to tell you that it's B.S

I have 7 signs for you that money mindset is actually the crucial next step. If any of these 7 reasons are true for you, then you’ll love working with me further.

Reason 1: You know that it’s your time.

Finally. Each year you set big goals - thinking that this would be the year that all your dreams come true.

You might even have a book that's sitting on your computer 90% done - or a course that's ready to launch but something's stopping you.

Every day you wake up and think NOW is the right time. But the moment your income doesn’t match up to your intelligence, potential and the gifts you offer up to the world.

You're tired of waiting for someone else to choose you - or deem you ready to earn more.

I'm sure you're frustrated in yourself that you haven't done it - but maybe today is the day. You know that it's now or never. I see that for you - and I'm here to help you make that come true.

Reason 2: You love personal development but the money hasn’t shown up yet

You could be feeling like a fraud right now because you're doing everything right but it's just not working.

I bet you have a dream board, you probably journal your goals regularly and gosh darn it - you're a great positive person. You’ve probably read every abundance book under the sun, but you still feel like there’s a missing puzzle piece.

It feels unfair and if you’re honest with yourself, you KNOW you have sabotaging money behaviours but you can’t change them. That's really normal.

Reason 3: You don’t earn what you’re worth (and you suspect you’re worth a LOT more)

The charge what you're worth thing gets a bad reputation. No you can't put a price on yourself as a human being - you are priceless but guess what? Your business isn't!

You actually have to name a price. Every day I meet people who are simply undercharging. They know it but they feel powerless to do anything about it. You might know it too but you're still getting feedback that you're too expensive - even when you know you're actually drastically undercharging. That's usually the problem.

When you undercharge, you energetically attract clients who will never be happy. And that's so frustrating! 

Reason 4: You want to live a First Class life, but you’re stuck in Economy class.

I’ve been there and it SUCKS. You’re sick of compromising areas in your life, like where you live, how you dress or travel.

It's exhausting having to justify every penny - wouldn't it be nice to have peace of mind that you can always make more money? You’re seeing other women rapidly increasing their income and you’re kinda jealous that it’s not you it’s okay to admit it

Reason 5: You already know that you need a money mindset makeover.

Maybe this isn’t the first time you’ve checked out my work or read my blog.

You might even go through situations when you think - I've got to sort this out - for example You start to sweat when you talk to an accountant or anyone “official” about money.

Or you sit and procrastinate sending out invoices. People send me their confessions all the time and say that they are so scared about money.  In particular, talking about it and asking for it.

You might even think you're really bad with money but I've never met anyone who I can't help.

You'd be surprised about how practical money manifesting can be. It's not about lighting a candle under the full moon and making wishes. It's about taking a practical inventory of your past experiences - and examining all your beliefs and habits around money.

Reason 6: You feel like you repel money.

Maybe you have a real feast or famine relationship to money. You know how to manifest money quickly when you really need it, but it’s not predictable or it comes at a great personal cost (like stress or burn out).

When you have a good month - you often attract unexpected bills or fines that wipe it all out. So you're always going two steps forward - one step back. That can be so frustrating! and

Reason number 7: You want to make more money but you're also scared.

People are surprised to learn that even millionaires are scared. Making more money doesn't make the fear go away.

For example - you could scared by your own potential because your vision for your life is HUGE. You sometimes worry about what it would mean to be truly wealthy – that somehow it would turn into a negative experience or you’d sabotage it in some way.

You worry about tax bills - you worry about getting into trouble.

You worry about losing your privacy or safety.

You worry about friends and family asking you for money. You worry that it's actually going to be a huge negative experience. That's really common - and can you see these conflicting things and how much they are holding you back?

Ok - that's 7 pretty big signs you need to work on your money mindset?

How much money do you think you’ve left on the table because of your money blocks?

Maybe your wake up call this year is that there's no time like the present to make your dreams come true. If you're still listening - it's pretty obvious that you have some money blocks you need to deal with.

Everyone has their own flavour of money blocks - and I'm here to help you identify yours AND clear it.

I've created a free masterclass to help you start clearing your money blocks and limiting beliefs. It’ll walk you step-by-step through recognizing – and then dealing with – the seven most common entrepreneurial money blocks.

You can get it free today from denisedt.com/blocks

Money blocks don’t have to derail you - you can embrace them and move on to creating a First Class life for you and your family. But it starts with your awareness.

Once you know your block, you can stop sabotaging behaviours in their tracks and finally move to the next level. That's when you can make money, no matter what.

Again, that’s at denisedt.com/blocks - I'll see you there in a few minutes. It's your time and you're ready for the next step.


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