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You can turn pretty much any business into a global success using the power of internet marketing. Making money online (not the dodgy kind) has never been easier.

Here’s what you’ll learn in this weeks video…

  • Stumbling blocks to avoid when making money online
  • My top 3 tips for making a business work for you
  • A bonus tip that will really help you on your way to success


Lucky Bitch Video Transcript – 3 Essentials To Making Money Online

Years ago when I was working in a job and I desperately wanted to work for myself, I was always searching around for

  • how to make money online,
  • how to make money in business,
  • how to make money quickly

To be honest, I fell into some kind of dodgy things.

I found a lot of things that didn’t really work with me. They didn’t really resonate with me and in fact, didn’t make any money at all.

The problem with that kind of feeling, that desperation feeling of like I must make money online, it really makes you bypass many of the things that really make people successful in business.

In my experience, here are the three things that have really made a difference. Compared to before when I was just trying to make money online, make money in business no matter what and now where I actually do make a lot of money from being in business and having an online business.

Here are the things that I think made the difference.

Do Something That Resonates with You

Number one, I finally did something that really resonated with who I was as a person.

Before when I was just trying to make money for money sake I would come up with all of these business ideas. I’d come up with so many different things. I’d go, “I can do that. Yeah, I could do that. I might give it a try.” Or, “Someone said that’s a great business idea. I should do it.”

But those things really weren’t in line with who I was. And to be honest, the feeling of being able to make money, inspiring people, and motivating people, it didn’t feel real to me.

So, I really want you to come back with what is really real for you, what would really make an amazing business for you, start there.

Don’t start with the money side of it.

Start with what you want to do, what you really good at, and what you’re passionate about, and you’re going to have a much better chance of making money from that than anything else.

So that’s number one. It has to be in line with you as a person.

Make Sure Your Idea Has Marketable Value

Number two, make sure your idea has some marketable value. I know this sounds really like, “Oh, duh?” But there are some things that you can do to make money more easily than others so I really want you to think of what products and services are you going to offer.

It can be really easy to start a blog and think, “Oh, well I’ll just build an audience. I’ll blog a lot and I’ll have a lot of people reading my blog and I’ll make money somehow.”

Trust me that’s a really hard business model.

Going down the road with a business model where you have to work really, really hard to get a lot of people or maybe advertisers or something like that is hard.

It really is better if you can have something that is a product or a service that you can offer that people can give you money for pretty much straightaway.

Write Down What You’re Good At

The third thing is really write down all the things that you’re really good at and write down all the things that you think people would pay you for.  Your first product or service is going to be one of those things that match up on both lists. You can be really good at one thing but nobody will pay you for it.

The next tip is to find really non-obvious ways. Things that might be really incredibly obvious to you might not be to others.

A great example of this is one of my mentors, Fabianne Fredrickson. She was saying when she was starting up in business as a coach, she was a health coach, she needed to make some extra money and she said she used to run cooking classes, cooking classes in her apartment because the people wanted to know how to make a roasted chicken. She was like, “Everyone knows how to make a roasted chicken.” But people were like, “No. We don’t. I want to know what do you do first and what do you next and then what you do after that.”

So when I say non-obvious, I mean, sometimes it’s going to be non-obvious to you because it’s so apart of who you are.

Say for example, you got a large family and you’ve really mastered the art of feeding those six kids for under $50 and you do it in a really efficient way. Well, I know that might come easy to you but for some people that is a revelation. They’re like, “Tell me how you do that. Tell me what to do first and then tell me what to do next. And hey, have you have a spreadsheet for that? Can you make my life really, really easy?”

Maybe you found a really great way to discipline your dog or organize your home or whatever it is.

Find those things that you’re really, really good at even if they’re non-obvious to you and find a way that you could package your expertise and show people how to do it.

The more specific you can get the better. You literally want to do it like you’re showing an alien how to do that thing that you do.

Bonus Tip: Work on your Money Blocks

The last thing I want to say about making money in business is that you really, really need to work on your money blocks.

You can be extremely talented at what you do, you can have a marketable product, you can have something that people just really want and it’s easy for you but there’s something missing and that something is usually some sort of money sabotage that’s stopping you from receiving money for what you do.

Honestly my entrepreneurial life completely changed when I decided to really work on eliminating my money blocks. So I’ve got a couple of resources. I will link to them down here about how I help people release their money blocks.

One thing is you can get my book – the Get Rich, Lucky Bitch! which you can get on Amazon. 

I want to tell you from the other side, it’s absolutely fantastic when you make money from things that you love to do and when you have the freedom and flexibility to have a business that really works for your lifestyle. It is the most unbelievable gift ever. And if you really follow those steps, it can happen for you as well.

I hope that’s helpful and really good luck in your entrepreneurial journey. I can’t wait to hear your success story, share it below.

Denise xx


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