money mindset Apr 27, 2020

Do you often feel like you’re not worthy of having abundance or having a happy life? Here are ways you’re showing the Universe that you feel unworthy.

Last weekend something happened to our carpets resulting in two giant, gross-smelling stains (I refuse to say what or who caused the stains, but let’s say it wasn’t me).

We tried to clean it ourselves, using baking soda to soak on it overnight and then vacuuming. It shifted the stain somewhat but it was still visible and a little bit smelly. Every time I walked into the room, I could see it. It was in the back of my mind, just one of those little annoyances.

Finally after three days of staring at those stains, I called a cleaning company who specialise in deep cleaning carpets as opposed to us cleaning challenged amateurs. They came around with their giant machine, took less than 15 minutes and got it all out.

The cost – $65.

Sixty five bucks to solve the problem, in fact, remove the problem completely and thus save me from looking at it or worrying about it ever again. But I have to admit, I was reluctant to pay it, thinking that I should be able to do it myself.

As I was coaching with clients this week, I told this story repeatedly because as women entrepreneurs, we’re often looking for the make-do fix. We feel like we “should” know how it do it alone. We not only try and polish the turd, we roll it in glitter for good measure.

They might be tiny little trivial things, but trust me – everytime you choose the economy option rather than the VIP, you’re telling the Universe that you aren’t ready for more.

We try to make things difficult for ourselves because we’re reluctant to pay the money for the right solution, we think we should do it ourselves or deep down, we don’t believe we deserve the very best.

You know how much I enjoy stretching an analogy and mining my day to day life for inspiration? Let me give you just 15 examples of where I see this showing up in my own, my clients and friends’ lives:

In Your Business & Career

  • Trying to do everything yourself from websites to P.R or paying bits and pieces of money for cobbled together solutions that don’t quite work
  • Being reluctant to hire help, because we’re too busy and besides, “nobody can do it like me”
  • Sticking with a web designer/graphic designer that doesn’t work for you anymore because you feel bad about leaving or asking for what you really want
  • Waiting to get the new laptop/iPad/iPhone because you can’t justify the expense yet or you don’t feel “ready” for the best equipment
  • Having substandard headshots/business cards/website and being too embarrassed to send them to potential clients
  • Not having a dedicated space for your business for fear of incoveniencing other people
  • Using a shitty chair and then having a fortune in chiropractic bills

Life in general

  • Driving a car that is falling apart and continuing to pay money to get it fixed instead of buying a new one
  • Skipping lunch or feeding yourself leftovers
  • Feeling like a terrible mother for putting your kids in daycare just to get some ME time or to work on your business
  • Feeling guilty about getting a cleaner in, but getting frustrated with a messy house, spending your Saturdays cleaning or fighting with your partner about whose turn it is to clean the toilet
  • Being loyal to a hair or beauty person even if you aren’t happy with the service anymore
  • Resenting your partner because they seem to buy new clothes and shoes when they need them without feeling guilty about it
  • Putting off health maintance (like dental or optical) because you’re scared of the cost
  • Wearing outdated clothes or glasses (or feeling like laser is something that “other people do”)

Polish a turd or roll it in glitter;
it’s still sh-t and you deserve more.

Where in your life are you trying to polish that turd? Honestly?

The good news is – every time you choose the VIP option, every time you choose to honour yourself, your time and (let’s face it) your mental health… the Universe rewards you.

Sometimes that costs money, sometimes it’s inconvenient and yes, sometimes you will feel guilty.

Take Action!

Pick ONE thing in your day to day life that is causing unnecessary wasted energy and immediately upgrade it. Call the cleaning company and book them in. Book in the virtual assistant. Lock in the date for the new headshots. Go through your closet and chuck out everything that’s economy.

This will have a HUGE impact on your manifesting ability – show the Universe that you are worth more and you’ll be rewarded for it.

Denise xx


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