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Ready To Release Your Money Blocks
Make The Income You Deserve? 



Do you ever find yourself…

  • Undercharging and over delivering to your clients?
  • Giving away your time for free but feeling resentful about it?
  • Frustrated that you should be earning more for the effort you put in?
  • Experiencing a painful income plateau but feeling stuck on HOW to get out of it?
  • Feeling broke no matter how much you earn, because it just keeps on slipping away?

Well – you know what? You’re not alone.

In fact – most female entrepreneurs are seriously under-earning compared to their true potential and it’s time to do something about it.


Denise-Duffield-Thomas-LuckyBitchMoneyBootcampYou can have an amazing product or service… but still not make enough money

You can have RAVING fans and the best testimonials ever, but still not make the money you deserve

You might LOOK “money” on the outside, but inside you feel like a fraud.

You might not even think you HAVE money blocks, but you have a nagging feeling that you should earn more (and that it should be EASIER)

It’s really got nothing to do with talent or ambition.

(So, seriously, don’t beat yourself up that you can’t figure this out on your own. It’s really not your fault)

It doesn't mean you're stupid.

In fact, it’s often the most talented and GIVING women who experience money blocks. It’s not just “beginners either”

It doesn't mean you're not meant to be successful

Money blocks happen at ALL levels of business, from zero income to multiple millions.

Women just like you.

Why do most women settle for pennies instead of making the serious money they deserve?

Here are just some of the things I hear from women all the time no matter how smart or accomplished they are:


  • I’m just no good with money
  • I think I’ve reached the limit of my earning potential
  • I’m doing great, it would be greedy to want more
  • I should be earning more, but I’m afraid it would cost too much (in terms of health or relationships)
  • My partner takes care of the money
  • I’m just afraid to even look at my money situation
  • I wish I could just win the lottery
  • Money just isn’t that important to me
  • I have a good life, I should just be happy with that
  • I’m smart but I just can’t seem to break through to my next goal

So, what’s the “Magic Formula” for making more money?

Lucky Bitch Money Bootcamp - Denise Duffield-Thomas1. An honest look at the root causes of your money blocks

This requires some bravery and self reflection (NOT years of therapy). In fact, some of your money blocks are years, even decades old. But they can be cleared.

2. Being surrounded by other like-minded and supportive people

This requires drastically upgrading your support network or mastermind. It also means not relying on friends, family or your partner to give you business validation.

3. A balance between the practical money stuff and the more inspirational woo-woo teaching

I love woo-woo, I really do - but seriously, isn't it handy to know what to actually DO, in the real world to manifest your wildest desires?

4. It has to be enjoyable and fun otherwise you’ll quit

Clearing your money blocks might feel a bit painful at the start, but it's also incredibly liberation and just requires some regular maintenance!

5. It needs to be repeatable

Because trust me, your money blocks have a sneaky way of coming up again to test you. Mine seem to come up every six months or so or when I hit an income plateau. They will keep coming up occasionally - regardless of you earning nothing... or a million dollars.

6. You need to give yourself PERMISSION to be rich

This is the most crucial one - and honestly, where most women are holding themselves back. They THINK they want money, but there is something out of reach stopping them from reaching their full potential.

Of course, there’s a bit more to it.

But I started teaching this basic formula. First to my coaching clients. Then to small groups of women. Then to hundreds, thousands and now tens of thousands of women around the world are getting RICH and LUCKY.

The results have been phenomenal.

Women all around the world releasing their blocks to abundance.

Ordinary women like you who are using their talents to build their wealth. 

A beautiful community of women who are dedicated to increasing prosperity for the whole planet.

Now, I want YOU to have access to everything you need to change your money story once and for all.

I wanted to create NON-WOO WOO money training geared towards women entrepreneurs.

That you can access IMMEDIATELY no matter where you live

With a built in, life-time access mastermind that actually WORKS

I beat my goal by several thousand!

Denise is a true gem: she’s able to take all of the money mindset and manifestation theories that you might have heard before but dismissed because they weren’t for you… and turn them into quick exercises that can fit in any busy schedule, and that makes a world of difference.

Denise’s Lucky Bitch book and money bootcamp have changed the way I interact with money in my life. Her teachings are practical and simple to take action on, and they create massive results. And fun!

During the bootcamp I set a big money goal and surpassed it by several thousand dollars! The biggest benefit for me beyond manifesting more money into my life and business was the concept of upgrading your life.

I feel like I’ve truly stepped into my first class life, and will continue to do so because of Denise’s incredible teachings. I’ve also been able to let go of so much old stuff around money that was holding me back, and I feel like I’m truly a lucky bitch, every day of the week.

Nathalie Lussier | Digital Strategist | 

I recouped my investment within one day of joining the Bootcamp

Money-Bootcamp-Review-Jane-HincheyBefore joining the Money Bootcamp I was stuck… I’d hit an income plateau and no matter how much effort I put into marketing, I couldn’t seem to move forward from that point.

It wasn’t until I discovered that I actually had a whole stack of money blocks (I suspected perhaps I had one or two) and worked on clearing them that I moved past that income ceiling.

I was hesitant the Bootcamp was going to be some sort of ‘woo woo’ program with no results, just a lot of meditating and willing the Universe to send you the dosh.

How wrong was I.

I recouped my investment within one day, once I’d implemented what Denise teaches. She not only provides us with great guidance, but usable tools {spreadsheets, checklists etc} to get this stuff done.

I was blind-sided by the discovery that I had such negative money beliefs! I’d always thought I’d been positive around money, but working through the Bootcamp and going through the forgiveness exercise really brought clarity around how I view money.

Once I embraced my own self-worth I felt brave enough to raise my rates and stop undervaluing myself. This led to an increase in sales of $3,500 within one month. I didn’t focus on manifesting the money, but on manifesting my ideal clients. I spent so much time in the past focusing on money, money, money whereas money is the end result.

I had no idea how powerful it would be to connect with such a wonderful group of women entrepreneurs online. The Facebook group is invaluable, and I love how we encourage and support each other.

I seriously no longer stress over money. Before the Bootcamp I’d have sleepless nights worrying over my ‘lack’ of income, whereas now, it’s not a problem. When something triggers one of my money blocks, I know how to work to clear it and not let any of that negative crap ruin my success. It’s also acknowledging that you don’t take a course like this and it fixes everything forever. You have to continually work at this, but the Bootcamp and supporting Facebook group make it easy.

I loved the Bootcamp – if you’re looking for enlightenment and clarity around your relationship with money, this is the place for you.

Jane Hinchey | Online Small Biz Coach |

I shifted my poverty mindset

My biggest block was not investing in ME.

Money-Bootcamp-Review-Clare-WildmanI'd become so used to not having my own money (money that I'd earnt) that I only felt justified in spending on 'us'. This meant I'd lost my own financial identity and my own confidence in handling money.

It seemed really strange to be spending money to make money and I really wasn't sure what the bootcamp would deliver.

What has it delivered? Some great insights, life long availability so I can keep coming back to it when I feel the need to and a great community of like minded women to share and support.

I hadn't realised how much of a poverty mindset I'd gotten into. How little I spent on me unless I could justify it to myself as sustenance. I'm still working on manifesting the cash but the things are so much easier.

Clare Wildman | Life Coach Clare |

I was tired of hustling for money and now I don't have to anymore!

Money-Bootcamp-Review-Kylie-PatchettWhen I first started in business, I thought that the two exhaustibles were time and money - but I now know that my number one most precious resource is my own energy. I used to spend a whole lotta my precious energy out there hustling and getting absolutely nowhere because I had such BLOCKS to success, to earning money doing something that I love and that old chestnut of "you have to work hard to make good money".

Being personally mentored by Denise and taking part in the Lucky Bitch Money Bootcamp means I am so much more aware of my own money patterns. I charge what I am worth, I am no longer afraid of money (quite the opposite - we're having a love affair!!) and I have gone from earning $12,000 in my first year of business to regularly signing way more than that in a single day.

If you are tired of hustling, of working too hard for your money or you’re an entrepreneur and you just can’t make it past a certain income set-point, this course is bloody gold!

Kylie Patchett | Holistic Health, Business & Mindset Coach |

Can I share my money journey
for a second?

That’s me in my first home out of home… a laundry shed.

That’s me in my first home out of home… a laundry shed.

Just a few years ago, I had a great “abundance mindset” but I was BROKE.

I didn’t grow up rich, but I was determined that my life would be different.

I wanted to be independent. Abundant. And okay, it would be nice to buy anything I wanted too :)

I went to countless money seminars, read books about passive income but my own salary was sharply out of proportion to my potential. I just KNEW I was destined to be wealthy, but seriously WHEN?!

It was frustrating. It was embarrassing.

Especially when I became a success coach. I was embarrassed that my clients should see my shitty car, or my small apartment and judge me.

I was brilliant at manifesting free stuff, scholarships, prizes, etc but when it came to actual CASH…..? Nope, that felt scary and out of my reach.

I didn’t allow myself to live with pleasure or have nice clothes. I thought it was okay to live like that. I sacrificed a lot and felt guilty for spending too much on myself. I got into debt. I manifested windfalls of money and then it slipped through my fingers too quickly.

I was scared of paying too much tax, of “getting into trouble” with the government. My income plateaus felt very real and insurmountable.

I used to have a bad relationship with money. I used to be terrified of fully expressing my potential and I used to worry what my friends and family thought about me being rich.

But not anymore…

Now, yes, I have an amazing life. I travel whenever I like. I have worldclass mentors, a great support team and I live like a millionaire. But I’m still just a regular person (for some reason, I thought I’d have to change EVERYTHING about myself to be “worthy” of success”)

I’m not a millionaire yet and there are many things left in my life to upgrade, but I know that it doesn’t always happen over night.

I set BIG money goals and I achieve them. Not out of fear and panic but just as a game. It’s actually FUN to make money now. And it’s fun to spend it without second guessing myself.

Guess what?

I’m no smarter than I was before. I put all my effort into overcoming my money “stuff” and the rest fell into place easily. I’ve spent the last three years analysing exactly what works and what doesn’t in order to manifest your ideal life.

Not only that. I’ve now taught thousands of women how to use the Law of Attraction in an incredibly practical and real way… that works.

I revisit this course every time I want to hit a new income level, and it works!

Money-Bootcamp-Review-Hayley-CarrI was hesitant to sign up for the Money Bootcamp, because at the time the investment was more than I could afford, but Denise had struck a chord with me when I heard her 7 Money Blocks recording. I had all of them. Biggest of all? I was afraid to charge what I was worth, and I was over-delivering to the point of exhaustion.

No Boundaries = Resentment. I realised this was actually the one thing that could change my situation for good.

In the first week of the Money Bootcamp we took a magnifying glass to what our first-class life would look like. I understood for the first time- properly – that the definition of a first-class life is different for everyone, and my idea first class life looked very different to what I thought it would. It was then I realised how much I was surrounding myself with things that made me feel crappy, and the one thing thing that I ever wanted to do was travel solo.

I realised just how far my money blocks go. I realised I felt obligated to stay with the life I had, and it was holding me back in every area. This was a huge turning point. I was able to let go of that unnecessary obligation, and open myself up to my own terms of living. It was eye-opening to realise, and scary to take the leap, but I was supported the entire way, and when I did, I felt powerful for the first time in years.

Within a few days I had manifested the money to pay off the course, plus thousands of dollars in new clientele, at my actual rate, not a discounted, fearful one. By round 2 of the bootcamp, I was calling in from Mexico, and I had used the tools to manifest the money to pay for 8 months of solo travel, to wherever I wanted around the world. I couldn’t believe how fast it happened.

I am living my first-class life, an constantly being driven to new heights.

I revisit this course every time I want to hit a new income level, or want to upgrade anything in my life, the tool are truly timeless.

Hands down, best financial investment I have ever made.

Hayley Carr | Peak Performance & Lifestyle Coach |

Now I feel confident and happy with how I earn my money

Money-Bootcamp-Review-Tina-BangelSigning up for the Lucky Bitch Bootcamp was one of the best decisions I made.

Growing up I was always reminded to get a "REAL"job and that singing should just be a hobby. The Bootcamp and Denise gave me tools to help me embrace my line of work.

"I serve! I deserve!"

Now I feel confident and happy with how I earn my money. This mindset has improved my relationship with family members and my whole business life. I cannot thank Denise and the Lucky Bitch community enough! It has transformed my life and I know it will transform yours too!

Tina Ranoso Bangel | Professional Singer & Music Teacher |

I had my first 5K month after joining the Bootcamp!

Money-Bootcamp-Review-Kristin-Marie-Rodriguez-300Since joining Denise's Lucky Bitch Money Bootcamp, I've increased my monthly income to earning over 4 figures each month. I earned my first 5k, a month after joining her program. I always use Denise's techniques as staple items for my manifesting tool box. I'm able to manifest Really Big desires with the material from her Bootcamp.

I also, absolutely love her Lucky Bee community. All the women in the group are very positive, high-vibrant, and supportive. We help to support one another in the community, but also receive inspiration from each other. It's great for connecting to like-minded sisters who have raised their glass ceiling to create, manifest, and have more abundance and money in their life. The support is wonderful. The women have inspired me in more ways than one, but also helped to push me out of my comfort zone to reach even more success.

Thank you Denise!

Kristin Marie Rodriguez | Intuitive + Spiritual Teacher |

Being good at manifesting isn’t enough


Money-Bootcamp-LuckyBitchSuze Orman, The Millionaire Next Door, David Bach…

You can walk on FIRE (which is fun but doesn't really change anything)

You can be frugal…

Meditate on money like a mofo…

You can try to think and grow rich…

Say your affirmations and make the biggest dream board in the world…

You can try and break through your money blocks through sheer WILL POWER...

Unless you address the root cause, it will ALWAYS feel hard

sales-4picsLet me explain why...

In the space of just a few years, I used the Lucky Bitch principles to manifest:

A bank error in my favour (just in time to pay my
uni tuition) - £5000

A ticket to a conference in Vegas - $1500

Scholarship to a life coaching course - $5000

Six months all expenses paid travel - $500,000+

Yes you read that right, I won a travel competition – for six months we travelled the world for free, staying in incredible 5 Star hotels.

I totally manifested the whole experience and even wrote a book about it.

It was awesome. But I was still broke. (oops)

Lucky Bitch Money Bootcamp - Denise Duffield-ThomasA bit embarrassing – being in my thirties, smart and capable but not being able to earn proper money.

I was in massive amounts of debt and with HUGE blocks to receiving money for my talents. I had been undercharging for years, never breaking beyond a certain money barrier and although I could manifest WINNING stuff, I couldn’t make actual MONEY.

I’m not going to lie. It sucked. I knew enough about manifestation to still get what I wanted, but finally I said to the Universe:

“Thank you for taking care of me, but I’m a big girl now, and I’d like to actually make some real money now please”


Not overnight of course. But pretty quickly.

Money Bootcamp - Lucky BitchREAL money started flowing in. Much easier than I ever expected.

It was FAR more satisfying than winning the lottery, and best of all, I was being paid good money to help my clients. FINALLY.

The Universe felt balanced.

I realised that my PAST relationship with money could be released. It wasn’t going to dictate my future anymore.

There was nothing wrong with me, I didn’t need to be “fixed”. And in fact, I was just fine the way I was!

Only a few things needed to be tweaked.  

And I realised something really important...


You don't have to be perfect to "deserve" the money.

You don't have to change everything about yourself to be worthy of abundance.

You already have everything you need inside you.

The Universe is just waiting for you to activate it.


That’s why I created the Lucky Bitch Money Bootcamp

What is the Lucky Bitch Money Bootcamp?

Lucky Bitch Money Bootcamp - Denise Duffield-Thomas - LuckyBitch.comThe Lucky Bitch Bootcamp is a 6-week immersion into the powerful art of manifestation and money mindset transformation. It’s designed to help you break old patterns and form new ones that make you attractive to money.

It’s a completely virtual program, meaning that you can live anywhere in the world, as long as you have access to a computer and the internet.

It’s what you’ve been waiting for! If you LOVED Lucky Bitch, the book, then get ready for a truly transformational experience… this time with a huge focus on manifesting ABUNDANCE and actual CASH!

It’s designed to change the way you see your money FOREVER

Now I love money, and looking at my bank account, I can say it loves me too!

Money-Bootcamp-Testimonial-Jen-SaundersThanks to everything I’ve learned in Denise’s books and Bootcamp, my whole perception of money has shifted.

The teachings in the Bootcamp helped me clear my biggest blocks, some I didn’t know I had and others I thought would be with me forever. And I don’t just mean money blocks, I cleared things from my past, in my relationships, and with myself.

That’s one of the best things about being a Lucky Bitch, I can apply everything I’ve learned to any area of my life and rock it!

With simple steps, practical tools and a helluva lot of Denise’s no-bull attitude, Bootcamp was exactly what I needed to kick my money ‘story’ to the curb and shift my poverty mindset. I used to fear money, even hate it, and now I love it! And from looking at my bank account, I can say it absolutely loves me too!

Denise has helped me upgrade my life – and upgrade my hotel rooms when I was on a 3 month holiday in Bali last year! Bootcamp helped me get to the core of my limiting beliefs, and then wipe them clean.

I plan on doing Bootcamp again and again!

Jen Saunders, Founder, CEO + Publisher, Wild Sister Magazine |

I paid off $40k of debt and had the courage to start my own business!

Money-Bootcamp-review-Quigley.pngI was nervous about investing in Denise's Money Bootcamp initially.

Why? Because of MONEY (aka self worth), of course!

What an invaluable programme and community that I joined! Thank goodness for getting past my fear and doing it anyway!

With Denise's fabulous tips, I quickly and easily broke through some major money blocks which allowed to to pay off over 40K worth of debt  AND gave me the courage to apply for and be accepted to Nathalie Lussier's awesome Daring Business Cultivator Mastermind group.
Me! A woman who had been a stay at home mother of four for nearly 10 years!

Denise's easy straight forward talk and ability to speak from the heart made the bootcamp fun, inspirational and opened up possibilities which I simply hadn't considered before.

I really loved also being able to participate in the Bootcamp again as new money challenges came up. It was (and is) wonderful to have the LB community accessible and supportive and I love meeting other LB's at various events.

Denise's Money Bootcamp is so much more than a programme. It's a life changer...

Effective, understandable information combined with a community of empowered women who face life with courage, determination, and gusto!

How could you NOT join?!

Quigley Ashton |

Major powerful money makeover

Money-Bootcamp-Review-Susana-FrioniThis is the most powerful and transformational program about money I have ever done! The content was mind-altering and uber effective. The private community was so freakin’ engaged and genuinely supportive. And Denise, as always, was a powerhouse of tough love + intuitive guidance every step of the way.

Thanks to Lucky Bitch Money Bootcamp, my relationship with money has had a major makeover, all from the inside-out, which has freed me from the money hangups I had that kept me stuck in the same place. On a physical level, I walked away from this program with the money to upgrade (not just replace) my car and enrol in a year long $10K coaching certification program I’ve been dreaming of doing for the past two years.

When it comes to money (and happiness) it really is a byproduct of doing the inner work so you can truly free yourself from your own limitations and illusions

Susana Frioni | Yoga Teacher & Life Coach | 

I had my highest sales month ever!

Money-Bootcamp-review-Vari-LongmuirBlasting through my money blocks (which I never even knew I had!) in the Lucky Bitch Money Bootcamp has catapulted my business and life to the next level.

The month after Bootcamp, I recorded my BEST MONTH EVER – achieving my previous biggest sales week total by 11am on a Monday morning! I’m working less and making more. And who doesn’t want that!

You have empowered me to change my families financial destiny, Denise.

Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Vari Longmuir | Branding & Graphic Design Expert |

I sold my house & paid off all my debt!

money-bootcamp-review-stephanie-doddsDuring the 6 weeks of Lucky Bitch Money Bootcamp, I manifested an $800 scholarship to a personal growth worth shop in Maui, picked up 3 new clients for my business, and made $1,210 in unexpected income for the month.

Next, I asked that I sell my house within two weeks of putting it on the market. We got an offer three days later for $5,000 more than we asked for it! Now I am feeling great and fully embracing the abundant life that has been waiting for me to show up.

Even my boyfriend tonight said, “You have been making money in such strange ways, I can’t believe it.”

I said, “Believe it babe, I am one lucky bitch!”

Now that I sold my house, I paid off my debt, I have a better vision of what I want my life to be like, and I have $100,000 in the bank if I want to put a down payment on another house. I have decided that there is no reason I can’t create the exact life I want, so I am really going for it with my business. I am so excited to be focusing my time, love, and attention on what I care about. I am so stoked!

Stephanie Dodds | Holistic Nutrionist & Raw Food Coach |

Lucky Bitch Money Bootcamp - Denise Duffield-Thomas

How do you know if YOU should join the Bootcamp?

Thousands of women all around the world have been inspired by my book Lucky Bitch to manifest all sorts of magic and now it’s time for you to take it to the next level.

If any of these are true for you, you’ll LOVE the Bootcamp:

  • 1

    You know that it’s your time. Finally.

  • Your income doesn’t match up to your intelligence, potential and the gifts you offer up to the world
  • You want to be a millionaire, but you KNOW there’s some blockages to go to the next level
  • You’ve hit an income plateau and you’ve been there for a while
  • 2

    You love personal development but the money hasn’t shown up yet

  • You feel like a fraud when you talk to people about changing their life because you need to sort out your own money stuff
  • You’ve read every abundance book under the sun, but you feel like there’s a missing puzzle piece
  • You KNOW you have sabotaging money behaviours but you can’t help yourself
  • 3

    You don’t earn what you’re worth (and you suspect you’re worth a LOT)

  • You feel overwhelmed and depleted when you think about money, especially if you think about raising your prices
  • You’ve been stuck at the same income level for a while OR you’ve been going backwards
  • You never seem to have enough money to spend on yourself (or you feel incredibly guilty when you do)
  • 4

    You want to live a First Class life, but you’re stuck in Economy.

  • You’re really freaking sick of making do
  • You know that you’re compromising areas in your life (usually, where you live, how you dress or travel) and frankly, you’re getting resentful about it
  • You see other people rapidly increasing their income and you’re pissed that it’s not you (it’s okay to admit you’re totally jealous)
  • You earn a lot of money but you have NO idea where it goes
  • 5

    You need a money mindset makeover. Fast.

  • You have a real feast or famine relationship to money
  • You know how to manifest money quickly when you really need it, but it’s not predictable or it comes at a great personal cost (like stress or burn out)
  • You don’t feel powerful about money and you don’t know why
  • 6

    You know you must have a money block but you don’t know HOW to clear it

  • You start to sweat when you talk to an accountant or anyone “official” about money.
  • You frequently put wealthy people on a pedestal (by getting angry or resentful about them) and think it’s out of reach for you
  • You sometimes worry about what it would mean to be truly wealthy – that somehow it would turn into a negative experience or you’d sabotage it in some way
  • 7

    You’re ready to take action but you’re a bit scared

  • You feel like it’s time to “grow up” around money but you don’t have a clue where to start
  • You don’t have the income to match the lifestyle you want
  • You are scared by your own potential because your vision for your life is HUGE.

The Lucky Bitch Money Bootcamp seriously changed my money mojo!

Money-Bootcamp-Review-Theresa-ReedI've always been a hard worker and able to make a decent living, but, somewhere deep down inside, I knew I was sabotaging my success and putting some serious limits on my earning and savings capabilities. The reason why? I grew up with parents who struggled financially and were quite vocal about it. Hearing the constant mantra of "we're broke" made me feel quite anxious around money early on.

As I became an adult and started my own business, those fears were always running in the back of my head - and there was a new thought that had creeped in when I started to get successful: who do you think you are? Suddenly, I had guilt wrapped up with worry. This combo kept me on edge and selling myself short. I didn't feel worthy nor did I feel safe when it came to making the money I wanted and deserved.

In fact, these money jitters made me hesitate about signing up for the Lucky Bitch Money Bootcamp (I'm spending my "hard earned" money on a money program? What?!).

But as soon as I began working with Denise and applying her techniques, those fears started to melt away and I began to make some serious cheddar (with ease). I'm still using her methods to this day and it always amazes me at how effective they are.

If you are ready to begin blasting through your money blocks and creating true abundance in the most joyful way, then don't hold back.

Get into The Lucky Bitch Money Bootcamp and start manifesting the life and money you want today!

Theresa Reed | The Tarot Lady |

I've learned to let go of my old money stories and forgive my past mistakes

Money-Bootcamp-Review-Phoebe-HookWhen I joined Denise's bootcamp I knew that money was the catalyst to help me make the change I am wanting to make, not just in my life but in the world, but I had no idea how to bring it in consistently let alone abundantly.

I lived in a constant cycle of feast or famine. I had tried visualisation, meditation, working hard, praying and selling anything of value that I had. Sure, I'd get some money, but it would soon dry up and again I was desperate for a solution for the pile of bills that never seemed to disappear.

What I didn't try, was letting go. My relationship and results with my money was a reflection of my relationship to myself, and it sucked -- hardcore. Denise helped me become aware of the story I was telling myself several times a day, and opened my eyes to the economy life I was living because of it.

I was carrying habits of emotional heartache with me from my past and from previous generations when it was the popular belief that the woman of the house was good for home duties and it was the man who brought home the income.

Denise gave me the permission to forgive my past and let go of old beliefs passed down through the generations. I can now re-write my future. I have grown to love money and all it represents, I have grown to know it is only a tool used to serve more and more people in this world, and I have grown to understand that luck has absolutely nothing to do with it. Anyone can do this work and anyone can have more money, if you are willing enough to love and let go.

Phoebe Hook | Business Coach |

I have stopped feeling like it's unspiritual to make money

Money-Bootcamp-Review-Sage-AndreasonThings started changing when I met Denise at an event last year and then started listening to her audios (I loved her soothing, down to earth voice so much!), bought her book, and then eventually joined the wonderful Lucky Bitch Money Bootcamp.

After a couple of months manifesting things every time I even listened to her audios, I was pretty excited to join! Denise's manifesting magic washes off on other people it would seem - I even had a fertility client who I sent to the Lucky Bitch website manifest $3000 in the space of a week and was pregnant the next month... amazing!

The course is deep though, it will really take you where you need to go to heal the stuff inside you that might be holding you back from really hitting the jackpot with your dreams.

I had to face a lot of stuff - some of it wasn't easy, to be honest, but all of it was incredibly worth it. I did initially manifest a whole bunch of parking fines, and a sudden quiet month at work, and some extra bills I had no idea could have existed (which is normal apparently) but the amazing thing was that as I calculated my books for the year, I had made triple what I had made the previous year (!!), as I also attracted huge new opportunities to expand my awareness around money and business.

I have been slowly upgrading my life to expect more from it, to be (gently) vigilant with my thoughts, and to believe that I deserve things. I have stopped feeling like it's unspiritual to make money, and have realised that with all my dreams of starting an NGO, what better way to help than be able to finance much of it myself. I can donate to amazing Kiva projects and help empower other women and families not just my own!

Sage Andreasen | Acupuncture & Fertility Retreats |

I saw immediate financial benefits in so many unexpected ways

Money-Bootcamp-Review-Suzanne-CallHaving joined the world of Lucky Bitches on Denise's very first Money Bootcamp I have only the highest praise and recommendation for Denise and her programme.

Denise has tackled a huge issue that woman can face and packaged it into a transformational and life-changing bootcamp.

For me, Bootcamp provided a platform for pushing my personal and financial success to the next level but more importantly it granted permission for me to step up to the life I always believed I deserved but perhaps was unsure how to reach.

I am by nature a hugely positive person, so I needed no encouragement in this area to get the framework right, but without the specific focus that Denise shares in easy to manage exercises, my determination and energy was being wasted.

For me to see immediate financial benefits from joining Bootcamp made any hesitation about the investment I made disappear.

I manifested money in the street, bonuses through work, won competitions in local shopping centres, tickets to events, and the highlight would have to be manifesting the sale of my house for $70K more than the asking price in just two days after listing - all by using the techniques and tracking mechanisms that Denise shares and helps participants fine-tune through Bootcamp.

The consistent support that the other members provide in the forums is invaluable and I love celebrating the wins and achievements along the journey with them. Seeing women literally grow in front of you and harness their financial magnitude was and still is inspirational.

I also love that at every level of your success, the practical down to earth approach that Denise shares can be applied - over and over again.

It's a way of life, a way of thinking and a great way to move forward to the best life you choose.

Suzanne Call | Australia

The dudes in your life don’t get
why you can’t earn more money.

cheesy-guy(Don’t worry, I know exactly why).

So recently I was at a conference in the Dominican Republic, I was talking to this millionaire dude entrepreneur.

He asked me what I did, and I said “I help women overcome money blocks

He said “What are money blocks?“. Like he had NEVER heard of them in his life.

I said, “Um, you know when you’re not earning what you want and you feel massive resistance or blocks around it?”

He said, and I quote….

“Why would people NOT want to earn money? That sounds stupid”.

Now – all the women in the room (and there were several millionaire women there), knew EXACTLY what I was talking about.

They were nodding, because every single woman had experienced some form of money blocks in their careers.

The guys DID NOT GET IT.

I asked another guy – who makes ten million a year, if he ever experienced any mindset blocks or plateaus in his journey to being a decamillionaire.

He thought for a minute and said – "Yeah, the first ten clients were pretty hard".

Um. That’s it.


Lucky Bitch Money Bootcamp - Denise Duffield-ThomasThat’s why your husband, boyfriend, male business coach or guy friends cannot help you. They literally don’t understand why women sabotage their income, hold themselves back from true abundance and don’t just go out there and “make more money”.

It’s why beginner entrepreneurs feel the pressure that they should make 6-figures in their first month.

It’s why countless women quit their businesses and go back to a “steady paycheck” because it’s not working out.

It’s why some women work and work, but see their peers far surpass them in income.

I earned $10k in 10 Days!

Money-Bootcamp-Review-Tash-CorbinMy biggest blocks were my own limiting beliefs - there was sooooo much hidden away in my past when it came to money.

I had no hesitation joining the Lucky Bitch Money Bootcamp. I had read Lucky Bitch and it just spoke to me! And I had seen a lot of Denise's previous work and was really confident that the program would deliver for me.

My biggest breakthrough was understanding upper limits and how we subconsciously sabotage ourselves. I was really good at getting in my own way - mostly through inaction.

I have so many manifestation stories from the Bootcamp - the biggest has definitely been earning $10k in 10 days.

I set it as a challenge to myself and it worked! I ended up making the $10k in 12 days and it REALLY showed me that the universe rewards action.

So I did it again! And this time I manifested the $10k in SIX days!!!

It's so practical and you can do it over and over. Every time I re-do the bootcamp, or do a new 10-day challenge, I uncover and address new things.

It's fabulous. After just six months of working for myself I now have a very successful business, I am making more money than when I was a high-paid consultant working for another organisation, and I can now help my partner do the same. He just resigned from his job too!

We are moving to the beach to upgrade our home, we have upgraded our car, and we've upgraded our relationship as well because we are both on the same page. My partner even said to me when we were looking for a new apartment "Do you think we should Lucky Bitch ourselves a great place?" - and we did!

Tash Corbin | Business Consultant for Creatives |

Now it's possible to have a lucrative business

Money-Bootcamp-Review-Lily-DagdagMy biggest block before joining the Lucky Bitch Money Bootcamp was thinking that I had to make a choice between financial success and doing something that I love.

I grew up around people who worked hard for their money, even if it meant investing decades in a job they couldn't stand.

When I started on this entrepreneurial path, I think the biggest reason I played small was that it always came back to "Who am I to make money doing what I love?".

My most obvious hesitation was the price of the Bootcamp. But more importantly, I wondered if this could actually work for me. Since a lot of the Bootcamp is about mindset and forgiveness, I wondered if I could actually do what was needed to succeed in the program; if I was capable of dropping all the negative thoughts and beliefs I've had about money in order to move to the next level.

My biggest aha has been that not only is it possible to have a lucrative business that you love, there's no shame in it. Among my fellow Lucky Bitches I see examples every day of how you can do what you love and still be financially successful.

More importantly, the fact that what I do comes so easily to me, does not devalue what I have to offer. It means I have a lot to offer to my clients and my prices should reflect that.

So when I first started participating in the Bootcamp, I have to admit I was inconsistent when it came to completing the exercises. A few weeks ago I finally decided, I was going to sit down and actually complete them.

I printed out all of the exercises and pretty much went through them in one morning. Literally five minutes after I finished, I opened my e-mail and had new e-mails from 2 new prospects and one prospect that I had been chasing but had not gotten back to me.

Definitely proof that it works!

I absolutely love the companionship with all the other Lucky Bitches. They are there to celebrate with you during your victories (small and big) as well as to give you encouragement on the tougher days.

I am slowly upgrading my life and business to first class status. Even when things don't go as planned, I tell myself that the Universe is always working in my favor and keep moving towards my first class lifestyle. I'm so grateful for the blessings I already have in my life, but totally open for the awesome things I know the universe has in store for me!

Lily Dagdag |

I don't have to put my child into daycare

Money-Bootcamp-Review-Helena-DenleyMy biggest block was believing I could actually make money from my skills. I'd been a Mum at home for so long and thought that my husband would be the sole money earner in our house.

My biggest aha is that I can actually earn real money without having to have a full time job and put my child in daycare.

I started my new website business in April last year, spoke at a WordCamp conference in the US in June, I manifested a free ticket and attended World Domination Summit in Portland in July as a guest of Chris Guillebeau and had my biggest earning month by August - over $7500 in one month!

In addition to the content itself, the Facebook group is incredible for support and inspiration. It helps you feel like a positive money mindset is the norm - it is the place to be to keep you on track.

This year my business has launched new services, we've raised our prices and my husband will be able to leave his day job before the end of the year and work with me in the business. (And we've got more travel planned to the US again).

Helena Denley | WordPress Website Consultant & Coach |

The community raises my vibrational energy just when I need it

Money-bootcamp-review-Chandra-ScottI love that the Lucky Bitch Money Bootcamp community is a safe space to talk about money and own my shit.

It's very humbling and affirming because I'm no better or less of a human being for what I have and don't have. It's inspiring to witness others upgrade their lives. It keeps me centered as I do the same because there's no judgement about why or how I chose to live.

It's such a loving and giving group of women. I literally peek in when I'm busy but want to raise my vibrational energy. The vulnerability and love that overflows hits me in the right spot every time.

I love how the content never gets old. Love how a new round starts just when I'm entering a new level of biz and life because I can continue to get support with others going through the course along with me.

Chandra Scott | Business Coach |

The great news? You’re exactly where you need to be!

But um… only if you do something different (obviously).


What will YOU actually get
out of the Bootcamp?

You will allow yourself to have a truly rich life

  • The exact road-map to create your version of your First Class life (not necessarily the most expensive, but the one that’s right for you, right now
  • Permission to spend money on yourself without guilt (some things will be easier for you than others at first)
  • Get comfortable actually holding onto more money without sabotaging yourself and getting rid of it all (through unhealthy spending or unconsciously manifesting debts, drama or bills)

Give yourself permission to earn more

  • You will feel safe and comfortable earning more money than your family, friends or partner (and most importantly, not hold yourself back from your earning potential anymore)
  • Courage to raise your prices immediately and to make more money in your business or career
  • You will uncover hidden treasure and money that is already around you (you’ll actually be shocked about how abundance you already are – trust me)

Create a new money legacy

  • Clear the money legacy from the past so you can create a new legacy for you and future generations
  • How to deal with drastically different money philosophies from your partner, parents or friends so your relationships are more harmonious
  • Stop unconsciously restricting your income and allow your potential to be reflected in your earnings (especially important if you’ve hit a plateau over the years or even gone backwards)

Break through the next level of income

  • Break through your own self-imposed money glass ceiling (you might have completely unconscious limits on how much you’re “allowed” to earn)
  • Clear money beliefs and re-write your script of a wealthy woman
  • Uncover previously unknown blocks to receiving money (even if you’re read all the money books) and clear them easily during the course

Feel more confident in your business

  • The courage to work with only First Class customers and stop chasing money from pain in the butt clients because you “have” to
  • Stop the unexpected money leaks (where you have NO idea where the money is going) and feel good about both spending and keeping your money
  • Learn to manifest money quickly when you need it without going into panic or overdrive (this is pretty much worth the cost of the course alone as you can repeat it whenever you need it)

Learn to truly love and receive money

  • Stop the roller-coaster of feast or famine with your money and enjoy watching your income increase with fun and excitement (trust me, money is just a game)
  • Embark on a love affair with money that has nothing to do with being greedy or obsessed with money (money is just a tool to create your ideal life)
  • You will feel more free and powerful and ready to break through to your next income goalIn fact, that’s the beauty of the course – each time you repeat it, you’ll increase your income!

Catalyst for major life changes

Money-Bootcamp-review-Monique-AlamedineWithin the first week of doing Denise’s Lucky Bitch Bootcamp, the manifestations began. She teaches simple + powerful tools that will take you from struggling – to being on the receiving end of abundance.

This chick is teaches you how to become a money magnet in a no BS kinda way. I can honestly say she was the catalyst for some major changes in my life.

This is the first ‘intangible’ personal development course that I have completed, which has ACTUALLY delivered tangible, ‘count those dollars’ results. Get ready for the flood gates to open when you work with Denise!

Monique Alamadine | Identity Branding & Online Marketing Strategist |

I busted my belief that I couldn't earn six figures in my business!


When I joined the bootcamp I honestly couldn't see how I could earn six figures in my business and I was stuck in overwhelm and a job I hated.

Doing the Money Bootcamp enabled me to remove limiting beliefs around money and my business.

Towards the end of the program I was sitting in a cafe and my road map for a six-figure business appeared in front of my eyes!

I have since quit my job and have a multiple six figure business working from home and earning passive income whilst I prepare for my new baby to arrive!

Denise’s course helps you to move past your blocks around money, let go of the fear and just go out and do amazing things. There is a lot of ACTION in this course which really pushed me forward and I am so grateful.

If you’re feeling a connection with this course but are sitting on the fence, do it, be open to it, and just allow yourself to grow and expand with it!

Kathryn Hocking | Passive Income Strategist |

I found a positive and generous business environment… finally!

Money-Bootcamp-Review-Siobhan-MurphyThe Bootcamp community is wonderful - it inspires me in so many ways. There is so much knowledge here that is shared so generously and in a such a positive uplifting way.

Having been part of other forums for the last few years, I found many of them a bit draining and negative. I needed to get out and find more positive environments and I could not have found a better place - there is such amazing support not only on a business level but on a personal level. I also love that Denise is so actively involved.

The upgrades have made such a difference to my mindset and I am really starting to see the benefits now that I'm shifting my money blocks and learning how to manifest. I even manifested the money I needed to sign up for B-School this year - which I could not have done without this Bootcamp.

Siobhan Murphy | Photographer |

My biggest block was me – and I made back 10x my investment!!


It’s as simple as that – I was getting in my own way with fabulously executed self-sabotage tactics, and thought patterns that were less than helpful … in fact positively unhelpful in many situations.

I’d never even considered joining a money programme before seeing Denise’s book come up on a friend’s feed on Facebook one day. I got the book, read it very quickly, and then reread it, and connected with it really fast.

I was so impressed with how small changes were making a big difference I signed up for her Bootcamp without reservation. And within a few weeks of joining up I had made back about 10x the investment in the Bootcamp as a direct result of it.

My biggest aha has been that it’s only a number … closely followed by ‘It’s ok to have lots of money’. This has resulted in me being a much more relaxed sales person with my business.

I love the simplicity of the Bootcamp, along with the supportive nature of others in the community. I’ve made some fabulous friends who I would never have encountered had it not been for the Bootcamp. And some are turning into true friends who challenge me and help me keep on track with my goals.

I couldn’t have expected my life to turn around the way it has. I’m very excited now for what the future holds – there is no holding me back! 

Zoe Richards | Photographer, Writer & Business Coach |

What you’ll receive in the
Lucky Bitch Money Bootcamp:

Highly-motivating video lessons each week

Lucky Bitch Money Bootcamp - Denise Duffield-ThomasDelivered to your inbox with intermediate AND advanced money manifestation strategies. There’s nothing stressful to do, just simple and practical exercises to start moving you forward and out of your money rut.

Topics include:

  • How to create your personalised Lucky Bitch upgrade plan
  • The transformational tool I personally use every day to clear blockages
  • How to identify who is holding you back energetically (it’s never who you think)
  • How to transform your personal sabateurs into powerful manifestation aids and much more

More than 6 hours of recorded Q&A sessions

Lucky Bitch Money Bootcamp - Denise Duffield-ThomasListen to 6 x 60 minute question and answer sessions where I’ve answered all of your burning questions.

You can download these Mp3s at your leisure and hear exactly what hundreds of other women have asked me about the lessons.

Answering questions like:

  • Help! My friends are acting weird, what’s going on?: I just got a speeding fine in the post, what does it mean?
  • What should I do when my husband has a bad attitude about money?
  • What should I upgrade next?

and much more

Mp3 recordings of all videos for you to keep forever

Listen in the privacy and convenience of your home, while you’re out jogging, in your car or anytime at your leisure.
Go back and repeat the lessons anytime for deeper integration.

A private members-only mastermind

To share your successes, confess your money freak-outs and ask questions. Because of our global audience, there is someone in there day or night to give you a virtual hug.

It’s like having a 24/7 cheerleading team of women who have your back AND you have access to this forum FOR LIFE.

LB-MBC-HandoutsMoney Manifesting Bootcamp diary

A gorgeous resource to hold you accountable to your choices and keep you motivated.

You get a new chapter every week and you can keep this forever and repeat to see how far you’ve come every time.

Your bootcamp diary includes

  • Checklists and quizzes to take the video lessons deeper
  • Examples and resources to aid your abundance transformation
  • Life-changing exercises that will compound every week
  • Thought-provoking journalling questions to cement your learning

and much more

Inspiring bonus videos, must-read books + resource lists

I love surprising you with random videos, my favourite resources for achieving abundance and keeping your vibration high!

My money motto before joining was
“I’m just bad with money.”

Money-Bootcamp-Review-Elizabeth-McKenzieAnd I almost wore that badge with pride.

It was a perfect excuse to keep me stuck in my money crap. It wasn’t until I saw Denise’s bootcamp that I had a realisation.

This money crap of mine was going to keep me broke forever unless I changed my relationship with money, and not in the go-on-a-budget-never-allowed-to-buy-shoes-again kinda way.

In the bootcamp we worked through my money mindset, my lack mentality, my money awareness, and we got me aligned so money and I now bat for the same team.

I am officially a money magnet and loving it.

Elizabeth McKenzie | Marketing & Life Coach |

Hear from some real women who have joined and WHY they did it

Meet Kat Loterzo…

Money-Bootcamp-Review-Kat-LoterzoKat is a best-selling author, speaker and entrepreneur at

Kat already had a successful six figure business before she joined Bootcamp, but she joined to figure out where it was all going and to take everything to the next level.

Kat keeps repeating the bootcamp to clear more and more and she's now the owner of a half a million dollar business.

"Best investment I have ever made in anything. Not just in financial stuff but in anything. I highly recommend you check Denise’s bootcamp out if you sabotage yourself with money."

Hear how Kat increased
her income by 60%…

Meet Erica Cosminsky

Money-Bootcamp-Review-Erica-CosminskyErica is a Human Resources Coach of from Murfreesboro, Tennessee who learned to heal from her past, stop feeling poor and feel safe holding onto her money (instead of spending it all). Erica has repeated several rounds of the money bootcamp so far and clearing more each time.

Oh, and by the way, Erica just told me she has recently she lost 55lbs this year. A coincidence that she’s been shedding her past? I don’t think so!

Listen to what Erica has let go...

Meet Donna Hamer…

Money-Bootcamp-Review-Donna-HamerDonna got crazy productive during the Bootcamp and created three new programs because she knew that she deserved to make money from her business... finally

Donna is from Queensland, Australia, a Facebook competition specialist at


Hear how Donna is creating
her First Class life…

Connect with other like-minded women like YOU all around the world

We currently have members in the Bootcamp from:

  • USA
  • Australia
  • United Kingdom
  • Brazil
  • Ireland
  • Japan
  • The Netherlands
  • South Africa
  • Russia
  • Spain
  • Canada
  • Turkey 
  • Switzerland
  • Sweden
  • Singapore
  • Norway
  • New Zealand
  • Mexico
  • Italy
  • Denmark
  • China
  • Belgium

... and many more!


This particularly female thing of under-earning…
it’s a universal problem.

YOU need a network of supportive women.

I’ve heard many women say that it’s hard to change their beliefs around money when people around them haven’t changed. It’s more important than ever that you have a great support network around you.

In the Lucky Bitch Money Bootcamp, you can make new friends around the globe who will inspire you to the next level in your life.

Meet Denise - Your Virtual Host for the Lucky Bitch Money Bootcamp

sales-12deniseI’m a Virgo.

Let me explain to you why that’s important and also why I’m so good at what I do.

When I read and watched The Secret, I was inspired but also I felt really dumb. I figured that there must be another “secret” that I wasn’t smart enough to figure out because I just didn’t know what to do. Like – what should I do today?

I’m known around the world now for creating simple and easy to follow plans to create the most OUTRAGEOUS results.

I’m a huge dreamer, futurist and manifesting maven.
But I’m also incredibly practical and down to earth.

It’s perfect for this program because it makes it inspiring, yet you’ll start to see results much quicker because every week you’ll know exactly what to do.

I can promise you:

Easy to follow steps so you can actually take action in the real world

Practical actions so you feel in control (and not freaked out)

Buckets of compassion and understanding

Oh, and I’m hilariously fun to hang out with, so the Bootcamp is fun too. No dry boring conversations about tax rates or stuff.

You might have seen me in…


Meet some of your new best friends and mastermind buddies...

What kind of professions
should do the Money Bootcamp?


Or any of this is true for you... 

  • You're asking for money from clients or customers
  • You're responsible for setting your own prices
  • You influence the buying decisions in your household (and the money "vibe")
  • You really want to explode your income but you're unsure why you're sabotaging it
  • You want to get paid for your talents, not be told what you can earn

My bank account never reflected the value I brought to the world… but now it does

LuckyBitchBootcampReview-Victoria-ProzanConnecting with Denise’s work, first through her books and then in the Lucky Bitch Bootcamp, was a pivotal influence in turning my money story from “woe is me” to “wow is me!”

I had a lifetime of under-earning and under-employment chasing me around. I’m one smart cookie, yet my bank account never seemed to reflect the value I was bringing to the world. I now have a successful business and am no longer afraid to pursue my business dreams, financial and otherwise. Yippee!

It’s so easy to get stuck in your story of “that’s just the way it is for me”. But it’s simply not the “way it is”. Not for me and not for you!

Through my work in the Lucky Bitch Bootcamp, I excavated my sh*tty money story and exposed it to the light of day. I did the work and everything shifted. From powerless to powerful. My relationship with money is one of gratitude and patience. I now know my earning potential is controlled exclusively by me. If I do the work, the money shows up. It’s that simple.

Plus, when you do the Lucky Bitch Bootcamp you have the benefit of a mighty-fine group of women who get your struggles *and* your ambition. Why go it alone?

If you are thinking of signing up for the Lucky Bitch Bootcamp, do it! It will turbocharge your success — and that means money, honey!

Victoria Prozan | Brand Experience Consultant |

The month after I first joined the bootcamp I had my first ever $10,000 month and keep growing all the time

Money-Bootcamp-Review-Karen-GuntonWhen I first came across Denise Duffield-Thomas’s Money Bootcamp I was a bit worried that it would be too “woo” for me (cue image of cross-legged manifestation/meditation + burning incense!).

But what attracted me to Denise's stuff was her down to earth “no BS” approach, and I knew that if I wanted to take my biz to the next level I would need to work on my money mindset. I am sooooo glad it did the money bootcamp!

Errrrr… I should really say it am DOING the money bootcamp. Because I am learning that this is stuff that is never really done. The month after I first joined the bootcamp I had my first ever $10,000 month. That was freaking awesome.

But then I realized that if I wanted every month to be a $10,000 month, or if I wanted a $10,000 week or a $10,000 day, I was going to have to keep working on my money blocks.

And that is why I love the bootcamp so much: you can keep working through your stuff again and again. And because of the amazing support network, and because Denise is always there keeping it real with her own stories and experiences, you never feel like you are some kind of loser when you don’t have it all figured out.

It is awesome being surrounded by women who get it, and who push you to reach higher.

This has definitely been one of the best investments I have made in myself, and in my biz.

Karen Gunton |

A glance at the
Money Bootcamp curriculum

You get IMMEDIATE access to all modules.

When you join today, you'll receive...

  • Immediate access to your first lesson
  • Go at your own pace - and repeat the course whenever you like
  • Lifetime access to the course and all future updates and bonuses
  • Free lifetime access to the Lucky Bitch Money Mastermind, a private Facebook community
  • Completely virtual program - everything is available online at your fingertips whenever you need it

I’m bringing in multiple 5-figures every month without shame or guilt

money-bootcamp-review-eva-rawposaIt’s funny. I had no idea what I was getting into when I signed up for Denise’s boot camp. I thought it would just be about money stuff. You know, that I’d get past some blocks with money so I could do something bigger in the world.

Somewhere in there my marriage and entire life improved in a HUGE way. And a couple other things not fit for posting in a public space.

Then there is the side bonus of bringing in multiple 5-figures of revenue over the last several months. It feels so very natural to be serving a larger audience and to not feel guilt or shame if I am paid well for it. (Of course it is OK to be rewarded for doing good work out there!! For crying out loud, people are losing excess weight and curing diseases left and right. And having fun with food. Why would I have ever felt guilt for being paid well?! Silly… but I did… once upon a time… before the Boot Camp!)

Forever grateful,

Eva Rawposa | Raw Food Chef |

I cut my job in half and my business income went up by 900%!

Money-Bootcamp-Review-Sara-WatersI thought I went about my business in a professional way, but I didn't. I actually treated it like an expensive hobby. I was very serious about it and about getting clients, but deep down in my heart I didn't really believe that it could survive for many years and sustain me and my family for the rest of my life, let alone after I'm gone.

So when I started to have success I hit my Upper limit so hard and completely went out of business, so I had to go back to teaching. I couldn't understand why I wasn't as successful as I thought I should be - how could I be working so hard and yet nothing happened? Why did all my clients suddenly disappear?

I have joined so many different programs, and of course the hesitation is always - will it be worth it?

I joined the Bootcamp last year and my revenue went up by 900% compared to the year before!

I live in Sweden, but I have actually only launched the program in English, because I have more customers outside of Sweden. That is probably the biggest change for me - that my business isn't a local business anymore.

What has been the biggest pay off from this program is the community. It is such a supportive group! You get so much mental and emotional support from the other members, but there is also a huge amount of knowledge in this group. If you have a technical question, they will point you in the right direction. That is so valuable!

It's wonderful to be part of such a successful and supportive community.

I have manifested enough money to have a really nice holiday in France with my husband! Not to mention that nowadays I actually have a savings account with money in it. We used to have to really scrape to pay the bills. That is in the past now.

I even hired a cleaner who comes twice a month and does the things I hate, so I can concentrate on doing the things I love - teaching creativity and courage to people!

Last year I went down to 50% on my teaching job and this year my goal is to be employment-free!

Sara Waters | Creativity Coach |

I published my first book & manifested the money for my dream holiday!

Money-Bootcamp-Review-jo-EbisujimaI didn't think I had money blocks. It was quite a revelation, plus finding out that people at all levels of success have them too.

Within 6 months of joining Lucky Bitch I had published my first book - Montessori Inspired Activities For Pre-schoolers. It was something I had on my wish list to do for quite some time but I could never get the project off the ground, recognising my blocks and then dealing with them meant I suddenly accomplished that dream of being a published author, it felt amazing.

To be honest, I find a lot of the manifestation guru's a bit to woo-woo for me and I was worried that I would be sucked into a weird woo-woo world, where I would have to dance around naked under the moon, sprinkling rose petals or something. (Not that there is anything wrong with that, it's just not my cup of tea). It turned out to be nothing like that and I love Denise and her down to earth, sensible advise.

I went through the main Lucky Bitch course and the bonus Do It Quick 10 day course several times, each time bought extra money.

December was my 10 year wedding anniversary and I really wanted to take a trip to Laos and Cambodia. By August it didn't look like we would be able to afford to go but I took a leap of faith, booked us in at an elephant sanctuary (which turned out to be the highlight of the trip) before my husband had booked time off work, found flights and the money and just took it from there.

Having the support from Denise and the group really helped, if something didn't work I would try something else. I tracked very yen coming in, in September we booked the flights and come December we ended up having an amazing holiday.

Without Lucky Bitch I would have never taken that leap of faith and booked everything before we had the money. I have always saved up first for what I wanted.

I am in a lot of Facebook groups and Lucky Bitch is by far my favourite, the women in there are amazing, supportive, positive and ready to help you manifest whatever it is you have your heart set on. Denise rocks too :)

I don't beat myself up anymore when something doesn't work out, especially in my business, instead I look to see how I can turn it around and use it in a different way. I am much more comfortable about putting myself out there and asking for help when I need it.

Jo Ebisujima | Author, No-Nonsense Organizer & Kid-Wrangling Expert |

The Lucky Bitch community is amazing

Money-Bootcamp-Review-Kris-EmeryWho knew you could increase your network, meet your new best friends AND learn to love money all in the one place?

The Lucky Bitch community are some of the most awesome, committed, talented, honest and supportive women I've ever met.

To be able to share money stuff with total strangers might sound scary, but I don't hesitate because of the safe space Denise has created. Love my LBs!

Kris Emery | Writer, Editor & Author of Freelance Your Heart Out |

Frequently Asked Questions

I don’t have the money to invest right now

Investment in yourself is powerful and long lasting. Imagine how much money you’ve spent on personal development books or courses over your lifetime? Some was worth it, and some has not made an iota of difference. Thankfully, this program is worth it’s weight in GOLD.I’m also sorry to say but if you’ve been in the feast and famine cycle – when is it going to stop? What are you going to do differently today to change your situation?

I should just know this stuff, right?

The truth is that many smart, entrepreneurial and creative women get stuck being truly wealthy. It’s not a matter of brains. Nobody is born knowing how to make shedloads money and there’s a lot of yucky family and societal legacy crap you pick up along the way (some conscious and some so unconscious it will SHOCK you) that tell you it’s not safe or OK for you to be rich.

Talking about money scares the crap out of me.

Totally – I get it. Two years ago, I surveyed my customers and clients. The number 1 problem was around money. I did NOT want to touch it. I said “Please Universe, send them to someone else”. Because I did NOT have my money stuff together and it scared me too.

So – I invested in a mentor, I took courses and then I took everything I knew about manifesting and created the most practical and inspiring program possible. And guess what? It’s been my most powerful and popular program EVER. (Sometimes we resist what we need most, right?)

How does an online course work?

Each week you’ll be emailed a new video to watch on our password protected site. You’ll also get an assignment PDF to download and keep.All videos also comes a mp3 downloads, so you can listen later.

As a home study course, you get access to all of the modules but you’ll get emails each week for six weeks to keep you on track.

I’m in a HUGE amount of debt… should I do this?

This Bootcamp is NOT FOR people who are in DIRE financial straights, for example, about to lose their house or are in HUGE amounts of consumer debt and are desperate for a way out (this is not a QUICK FIX program). Please don’t do this if it means your children won’t get fed. Deal with that first (with professional help).

If your debt is manageable and you feel like a mindset shift would help, then by all means do it, but I’m not a debt counsellor.

This program is not an investment seminar, nor am I a finance professional. (My professional background is marketing and consulting and I have a business degree). I also can’t guarantee income or debt reduction. We cover mindset, courage, uplevel strategies, practical actions to upgrade your life rapidly. I will not tell you how to spend or invest your money. I will however, give your soul permission to earn more… and quickly. I’m not a magic bullet solution to your money issues (I don’t any supernatural magic powers at all actually).

Also – this course is not for whiners or people who like drama and are pains in the butt (but I doubt that’s YOU, so read on!)

Give me 6 weeks of your life
& your money-mindset will change FOREVER (for realz)

The program is fun, supportive and we make changes so incrementally, you’ll trick your usual sabotages.

Yes, they’ll still come up, but you’ll have the tools to deal with them quickly…

If you KNOW that you have the potential to earn more, want to further challenge your own beliefs around your current level of wealth and you’re ready to take ACTION to attract even more money – you’re going to love this!

I attracted an instant client!

money-bootcamp-review-Simone-samuelsMy biggest money block was not believing that I could take my income to the next level. It was like I had decided the place where I was at was perfectly ok, and I didn’t need to stretch myself any further.

It took me to go through the lessons to really believe that it IS possible to manifest what you want. I wanted to win a photo competition I’d entered for a free holiday to Sri Lanka, so I just started tapping (which I’d never done before the Bootcamp) and visualising and manifesting my little heart out, and just kind of felt in my heart that I would win – and I did!

I also had an amazing moment when I listened to Denise’s subliminal money mantras recording, and literally while I was listening, I attracted a new client and received payment for something unexpected – it was exciting, weird and freaky, all at the same time!

Simone Samuels | Holistic Health Coach |

I've become a self-sustaining business owner who is location independent!

Money-Bootcamp-Review-Aimee-prezzanoI did not feel comfortable at all about money: very insecure and full of fear. I didn't even know what my biggest blocks were, that was what Denise taught me in Bootcamp!

Everything I had been doing prior to remove my insecurities was just busy work and not permanent relief, it was just surface level work.

I did have a few fleeting thoughts that perhaps it was going to be another get rich quick or some woo-woo stuff, but I knew that I totally trusted Denise 100% - she does not put garbage into the world.

Her honesty and open book to all of us was very attractive and I wanted what she had - not just financial abundance but true freedom and liberation!

My biggest aha is that money is just energy! That I am worthy because I am worth it! Not just in value, but in my energetic contribution to the planet!

Wow, I have had a lot happen over the past three years of working with Denise. Everything on my dream board came true - tropical vacations, living in a town where I can ride bikes to run errands with fabulous water and excellent access to locally grown produce and sustainably raised meats; I became a self sustaining business owner who is location independent; I have not had to worry about money -- it just comes to me. Literally!

I adore Denise's commitment to the group. Her leadership shines through each and every member she attracts. We are all very optimistic and share our wins, but also get vulnerable and share our fears. It is super empowering.

My fear of financial insecurity is no longer my norm. It does not own me. I know that I am a money magnet, as this is what has occurred in my life since I have followed Denise's program.

Aimee Prezzano | Professional Event Planner |

Now, all of my clients are saying YES!

Money-Bootcamp-Review-Sazzu-HopeI had emotional blocks I had regarding money that I completely avoided. I didn't want to even look at them at all. I would avoid even looking at my emotions and they would block all of my prosperity consistently.

It wasn´t until I starting tapping and forgiving that I could actually list them and feel good about them being in the light.

I had no hesitations joining the Bootcamp. I knew it was for me the moment I read Lucky Bitch. It was exactly what I needed and at the perfect time. I asked source to send me the money on a particular day so I could join the bootcamp and the money showed up from a client a few days ahead of time!

My biggest aha was understanding that it's a consistent work that needs to be explored for the rest of your life, as you hit level after level.

I love the simplicity of the information. The content was really simple but super powerful. The short videos of information were enough to keep me busy listening and learning all week long as I addressed my money issues from different angles.

I feel like I am finally understanding money. My business is getting more aligned to who I really am every day. I am receiving clear messages from the universe and I am profiting from them consistently. I have had every client that has had a consultation with me say yes!

It's been quite a ride, and I can't wait to continue doing the work to reach new heights year after year!

Sazzu Hope | Body Transformation Expert |

You like bonuses… yes?

Good, because the Money Bootcamp has some of the most generous bonuses around.

Basically, I treat my members like GOLD.

Bonus 1: Lifetime Access to the Money Mastermind

Masterminding with like-minded women is a MUST in manifesting your wildest desires.

Finally, you can have access to a group of women who are talking about money, and supporting each other daily to help YOU achieve your dreams.

This is a members-only mastermind of women all around the world. It's a 24 hour resource for YOU.

Value: $2000+ / year. Yours FREE (for a limited time)

Bonus 2: Goal Setting Workshop

You get immediate access to my popular 10 Day Manifestation program.

This deceptively simple course is the perfect opportunity to manifest a goal quickly and easily following simple every day actions to start the Universe working in your favour.

I’ll share all my juicy manifesting secrets with you and how to apply the principles of the Law of Attraction to your career, love life, health and money.

Value: $97 - Yours FREE.

Bonus 3 – Money Meditations Audio

Get your hands on my Lucky Bitch Subliminal Money Mantras, infused with 1111 powerful affirmations for you to attract even more prosperity and wealth into your life.

This special 1 hour and 11 minute audio is infused with 1111 special money mantras for you to attract even more prosperity into your life.

The affirmations in this 1 hour and 11 minute audio are embedded below the peaceful sounds of the ocean and seagulls for your subconsious mind to hear.

Bonus 4: My Lucky Bitch Audio Book Library!

Both copies of my book in audio format! At the moment, you can't buy these ANYWHERE else - they are exclusively for my Lucky B's. (Because I love you guys!)

Plus, I love giving you all sorts of other goodies - things I haven't even released yet!

Value: $60. Yours FREE.

 Lucky Bitch Audio Book - Denise Duffield-ThomasGet Rich Lucky Bitch Audio Book - Denise Duffield-Thomas

More than $2000 of value
for a one time only payment!

For the first time in my life I’m making money.

money-bootcamp-review-katherine-mitchellSigning up to Bootcamp was terrifying; I’ve never spent that amount of money on an e-course before. But deep down I knew I needed to do it, that if I didn’t invest in changing my attitude to money then I’d always be stuck in that place of never fulfilling my potential. And I’m so glad that I took the risk. Outstanding monies that I was owed from work I’d done a couple of months before turned up in my bank account on day 1 of the bootcamp (all £1000 of it!), which made me laugh; it seemed like a very good sign that I was doing the right thing!

Money Bootcamp has changed my life, it’s that simple. You read statements like that in testimonials, but the reality doesn’t sink in. I can’t emphasize this enough, I am a different person than I was two months ago. I am building a career as a creative, marketing myself and networking, growing in confidence day by day. I’m demanding that I’m treated with respect as a professional. I’m challenging the belief that creatives can’t make money. I’m determined to be both creative and financially savvy. I now believe in myself. And I’m loving it!

If you’ve always felt held back in life and don’t know why, take this Bootcamp. If you know deep down that you’re not fulfilling your potential, take this Bootcamp. If you’ve never had any money (or can’t hold on to it), take this Bootcamp. If you’re ready to tackle the underlying causes of why you’re not enjoying the success you deserve, take this Bootcamp. It will help move you forward, without drama, without complaining, without spending five years in therapy. Decide today that you want life to be better and start investing in yourself. It works.

Katherine Mitchell | Writer & Playwright |

I’m not scared about money any more

money-bootcamp-parisa-roohipourI think that at the root of it all I was scared of money. Scared that I’d never have any. Scared what I’d do with it if I did have some. Scared what would happen if I made it and then it all went away. Scared.

During the course the biggest surprise was the ideas that would quite literally hit me over the head during the day. Way to make money or get out of my own way so I could receive money (yes, filing taxes would be a good idea, wouldn’t it?!). Money suddenly wasn’t so mysterious.

Now, I'm less reactive about money and far more proactive. Knowledge is power and knowing how much money you actually have and how much more you need to reach your goal is power.

Denise is sweet, supportive and incredibly understanding. I couldn’t recommend her more highly as a coach.

Parisa Roohipour | Artist & Yoga Teacher |

I was already making good money, but I constantly worried about losing it

Money-Bootcamp-Review-Vanessa-AdaoI was making good money, in fact, the most I had ever had at the time, and loved my car, apartment and lifestyle.

But I was deeply waiting for all eventually fall apart, like it couldn’t last. So I had a constant anxiety and also some guilty for making that much for so little work!

I knew right away that Denise was my girl – she was real, funny and personal, and even though we are so far way, I felt she was really close.

My big aha was that money not only comes from doing something I adore, but also that it was safe for me to do a major career change. I also found out that God has such a sense of humor – He kept throwing at me new ways of making money, like plan B, C and D – things that were beyond my awareness a couple of months before.

I loved the videos of Denise explaining the major points about each module, I really enjoyed getting to watch her journey stepping into her greatness! My attention span is short, so by watching the videos – instead of just reading her book really worked for me.

Now I am a certified life coach, I am writing my first book, and just launched my first e-course! I feel like when I cleared all the money drama, I was able to find my voice, my value and I empower creativepreneurs to do the same!

Vanessa Adao | Brand Strategist and Coach for Creativepreneurs |

Ready to join the Money Bootcamp?

Because, the sooner the better!

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    Finally make the money you deserve

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    Join a supportive money mastermind

    Stretch yourself to the next level by surrounding yourself with like-minded women

  • 3

    Breakthrough to the next income level

    Plateaus are normal, but it's YOUR time and you're ready for the next step.

  • 4

    Learn to LOVE money

    Become a woman who takes control of her money.

Your Money Bootcamp Investment is 100% Risk-Free

The success of my Bootcampers so far, means that I’m extremely confident that if you follow the lessons, you WILL clear your money clutter and make MORE money than ever before.

There is no other money program out there that is so practical, easy to follow and even fun!

However, after 60 days, if you are not impressed with the bootcamp. I’m more than happy to refund your money and wish you good luck.

It's YOUR time
& you're ready for the next step!

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      I paid off $23,000 of debt!

      Money-Bootcamp-Review-Grace-McLeanI’d been thinking about my money issues and had been saving for the past 5 years to no avail.

      Finally, last year I decided I simply had to rid myself of the $23K+ debt that was costing me so much in interest each month.

      I saw Denise speak at a luncheon where she briefly mentioned her Lucky Bitch Money Bootcamp and my ears pricked up. I thought if I was really serious I needed to give this a shot and if it’s as good as everyone says then the bootcamp would pay for itself in no time.

      I’ve read so many books on debt control, saving, shopping habits – none of them compare to the kick up the butt I got from Denise Duffield-Thomas’s ‘Lucky Bitch Money Bootcamp’. Denise’s formula is simple, but so effective and the calibre of women who do it with you and the support you get is incredible. During the 6 week course I found, raised and manifested over $10K, above and beyond the goals I had set, and by the end of it became officially ‘debt free’ for the first time in my life.

      I’m a massive fan of this course, not only because it brings results; but Denise’s approach is real and honest. Plus,she is just like me, but a few steps ahead and showed me the path she took to become a Lucky Bitch, a path that I am so happy to be on.

      Grace McLean | Newcastle Australia

      Courage to start my dream business!

      money-bootcamp-jessica-nazaraliDenise’s Lucky Bitch Money Bootcamp changed my view on money completely!

      Before the bootcamp, I was stuck in the past and convinced other people were destined for financial successful, not me.

      The Bootcamp gave me the courage to start my Holistic Health Coaching business, something I had been wanting to do for a while but never got around to doing.

      I know for a fact I wouldn’t have had the guts to do it, if it wasn’t for Denise and the Lucky Bitch Money Bootcamp!

      Jessica Nazarali | Blog & Business Coach |

      I'm forever changed!

      Money-Bootcamp-review-C-Anne-TiptonThe Lucky Bitch Money Bootcamp was AMAZING! This course helped me manifest a finished published book and thousands of dollars towards a course I wanted to take! The stuff, the money, and the book are all fantastic, but the real life changer was how much more peace I was able to find around my financial situation.

      Denise helped me learn how to deal with the panic around what I should have vs. what I do have. Feeling calm and relaxed around my money has really changed me for the better. I have stopped eating out of panic because that panic isn’t there any more.

      The best part about LBMC was the support I gained from the other ladies taking the course. Not only getting advice from the expert, but getting advice from my peers was unbelievably helpful. It also gave me a place to share and celebrate the victories.

      Thank you Denise for this fabulous course! I will be forever changed by what you have taught me! (And I can’t wait to learn even more next time around!)

      Yours in prosperity,

      C. Anne Tipton | Author, Speaker, Coach |

      I've upgraded EVERYTHING in my life

      Money-Bootcamp-Review-Kate-MuegelI seemed to believe (very wrongly by the way) what a lot of creative people believe, and that is that you can't make good money doing a job you love. Especially a creative one. You have to make the choice. Feed your soul, or feed your bank account.

      Couple this with the belief that you have to work very, very hard for a long time to make any real money (aka not until you're 40-50!). Yikes!

      I thought people would think I was greedy, or shallow, or even just plain silly, and I had a lot of blocks there around thinking money (and more importantly wanting money) was a bad thing, and worse that it made me a bad person for wanting it. That when I say I want more money, what I really mean is I want more freedom.

      I am not saying I want to be Scrooge McDuck sitting in a mansion never spending a cent and being mean to everyone. I just want the simple pleasures like a bill arriving and it not freaking me out, or to be able to walk into a store, and see something I like, and buy it without guilt. And even more than that, I want to be able to have enough time, freedom and money to be able to give back as well. And wanting all of this does not make me a bad person.

      I love Denise and her no bullshit, no airy fairy attitude. And I also love the community. It's great when to hear about all the amazing things people are manifesting and also when you you sometimes need a bit of support, or reminding that I went back over my upgrade sheet not long ago, and since doing the Lucky Bitch Money Bootcamp not only has how much my business earns increased dramatically, but I have upgraded my house, my car, my office, and even my health.

      Kate Muegel (nee McKibbin) | Managing Editor |

      I’m totally okay raising my prices & asking for the money now!

      Money-Bootcamp-Review-Melissa-TurnerThe Bootcamp and the amazing support within the group helped me on so many levels! I had women really boost me on and encourage me.

      I was scared to admit I had money issues and still have them :) I was scared others will take it from me, especially if I become really flashy about it. It was a good aha though because I realised why I kept spending it and giving it away.

      I also realised that what seems expensive to me is not necessarily the case for someone else – money is very much a perception.

      When I was reading Get Rich, Lucky Bitch, I was actually on holiday and was running an affiliate program campaign for that week. I had sent out a few emails and automated messages, so wasn’t expecting a huge amount. I manifested $600 in sales for the week and made $650! I was super excited as I wasn’t even at work that week!

      I love the video content and Denise’s approach to it all – very light and simple! None of that spiritual, mumbo stuff! I also love the community of women and the audio downloads.

      It is an added boost for my walk each day to listen to chats about money and how to price things, I am launching my new course in a few days and am actually really excited.

      I was petrified of this moment a few months back! I have done heaps of EFT on it and am totally okay with asking for the money now!

      I have every intention of putting the price up after the launch – as encouraged by so many in the group and can’t wait to make an actual income from my course!

      Melissa Turner | Endometriosis Wellness Coach |