Want to Win the Lottery?

Win the lottery with law of attractionYou won’t believe how many people tell me their number one goal is to win the lottery and many people find my website every day by Googling variations of …

How can I win lotto using the Law of Attraction?

This ramps up when there is a huge lottery at stake, my traffic goes wild!

Yes, you can attract absolutely anything you want, including money but chances are you won’t win the lottery. Why?

Let me tell you the blunt but loving truth:

It’s a waste of your time.

It’s actually a waste of your manifesting ability and could hold you back from creating your dream life now.

I’m not saying it’s not possible, but the commitment and obsession is better spent on what you really want (and something that has better odds).

Are you dreaming harder than everyone else in the modern world who also wants to win the lottery? Do you spend every waking moment vibrating and aligning to a one-in-a-million opportunity?

Whew – that sounds like a lot of hard work!

It’s so much more fun to visualise your ideal day, your ideal house, your ideal man – and you don’t need a lottery win to manifest ANY of that.

The problem with consciously trying to manifest a massive lottery win is that it often comes with a lot of need and desperate energy. There’s a hint of “Pu-lease Universe! Give me a million dollars, it will solve all my problems”.

I’ve done it myself – I’ve bought a ticket and watched the balls come down trying to WILL them to be my numbers. But there’s nothing to do except buy a ticket. It’s just a hope with no forward motion. Nothing for the Universe to co-create with you. Action is a HUGE part of manifesting (along with a big intention), but you can’t take action, except to buy more tickets.

Don’t be attached to HOW

The good thing about wanting to attract a lottery win is that you get excited about how you would spend the money. The multi-million dollar beach house, private jets, holidays for you and your family, being out of debt.

Use that energy and excitement to write down your goals (most people never do), update your dream board and visualise yourself living that dream life.

But the lottery isn’t the only thing that can get you there.

Have you ever thought about what’s
holding you back from being truly rich?

You might think, “Nothing, I’m totally eager and ready to win the lottery!” but think deeper. I’ve identified many reasons why I’m not energetically aligned to a multi-million dollar windfall, including potential downsides like fighting with my family over money and attracting unwanted attention. Not to mention the guilt about winning it when I know I could earn it myself by becoming a better entrepreneur.

If you lived for a million years, you’d probably eventually align yourself for a lottery win by identifying and decluttering all the energetic blocks. It could literally take that long for the Universe to engineer a win and the odds are against you.

Your energetic blocks around manifesting a huge lottery win are probably the same ones preventing you from that next leap in success – a few more clients, a 10% pay increase or charging more for your services.

The good news?

Before you get all depressed, let me tell you the fabulous news and remind you that you can manifest anything you want and you’ve got to start in the real world. Waiting for a lottery win is a great excuse when you could just simply decide to live the life you want now.

Manifesting is a muscle and you get better at it by the goals you set, the energy and feeling behind them and the action you take every day.

There’s a huge difference between a dream that lives in your head and the way you act every day in reality. You can fantasize about living like Oprah but millions aren’t made by thought or wishing alone.

Do you have a $$ comfort level?

Everyone has an energetic financial set-point of a level of income by which you would consider it unseemly to cross over. It’s usually a combination of what your parents earn and what you deep down believe you deserve.

Winning money out of the blueI was totally stuck at around $45,000 for years. There was something that was keeping me there and even though I read books about becoming a millionaire, I was totally cheap with myself. I wouldn’t shop for nice clothes, I dyed my own hair and hated negotiating a higher salary, although I bitched about not being paid ‘what I was worth’. My daily actions and thoughts weren’t congruent with being wealthy.

I’d love to be a millionaire one day but I’ve given up trying to use my mind power to win the lottery and instead focused on upgrading my life and happiness each and every day. It’s energy better spent, and the results are fabulous!

Work on increasing your financial set point and your life will suddenly become much richer.

You don’t really need to win the lottery

I love author Tim Ferriss‘ take on this. In his best-selling book ‘The Four Hour Work Week’ he says:

“People don’t want to be millionaires – they want to experience what they believe only millions can buy… a million in the bank isn’t the fantasy. The fantasy is the lifestyle of complete freedom it supposedly allows.”

There are many ways you can create the life of your dreams. You can earn more money, you can start a business to support your lifestyle, you could win it, make it, hustle for it, inherit or thousands of other ways. The lottery has the worst odds out of all of them.

The magic formula is to upgrade and attract. Upgrade your life, your attitude, your standards and self-worth in the real world and you start to attract the real money to pay for it. Then you upgrade more and attract more. It’s the coolest and most magical thing ever and for the people who really get this, they are the happiest, most abundant and luckiest bitches you’ve ever met. No lottery win required.

Play the lotto if you want (there’s no harm it in) but be committed every day to actually living the way you want to live and never use lack of money as your excuse. Ok?

Whew, I’m glad I got that off my chest!

Happy manifesting and good luck for ALL your dreams and goals!



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