Win the Lottery with the Law of Attraction

What would you do if you won the lottery? Buy houses on Millionaire’s Row, help out friends and family members, start a charitable foundation and go travelling around the world?

I meet people all the time who feel it’s their destiny to win the lottery  and many people find my website every day by Googling variations of …

How to win lotto using the law of attraction

This ramps up whenever there is a huge lottery at stake, and my traffic goes wild! Everyone is sitting at home desperate to win big.

So, do YOU think it’s possible to win the lottery using the Law of Attraction? After all, we’re told you can attract anything you want – nothing is too big or small.

The last few years, I’ve become quite wealthy – and no, I haven’t won the lottery (I don’t even play), but every day I consciously use the Law of Attraction to manifest things that I want. My business income has increased every single year.

But I used to be broke. And I used to buy lotto tickets ALL THE TIME. What’s changed?

For the record, I’m not advocating the dream of winning the lottery as your financial plan or retirement strategy; in fact, I’m telling you – you don’t even need to win the lottery to manifest wealth into your life.

According to NSW Lotteries, the odds of choosing all 6 winning numbers is approximately 8,145,060 to one. Should that put you off? If there are more than 8 million alternative universes (scientists say there are an infinite amount), then in at least one universe, there’s a 100% chance you are a lottery winner. Right?

Can everyone win the lottery?

Buy a lottery ticket

That may sound harsh, but there are many things I’d like to do in my life that won’t happen because I forget about them, change my mind, have major emotional blocks around the goal or I’m just plain lazy. Ultimately some goals just aren’t that important to me when it comes down to the hard work.

So, how do you enhance your chances of winning the lottery using metaphysical principles like the Law of Attraction? (Again, I think there are easier ways to make money – like creating a passive income business)

But let’s see how you could use the Law of Attraction to win.

First of all, you’ve got to buy a ticket.

I’m not being glib here, but you actually do need to play the lottery to win the lottery. I haven’t won because I rarely play!

When Mark and I won the Ultimate Job competition, we competed against 30,000 people. But the competition website had millions of hits. Why didn’t more people apply even when it was probably their dream job too? Six months travelling the world for free. Who wouldn’t want that?

Most people have a vague idea about what they want, but don’t even take the very first step to achieve it. The entry requirement for the competition was to create an 80 second application video. How many people stumbled at that first hurdle?

You don’t need to buy hundreds of tickets to improve your chances of winning the lottery (contrary to popular belief). You only need one. However, you can take action every day and every hour towards your dreams. If you bought a lottery ticket every hour, you’d have a serious gambling addiction.

That’s why I’m always uneasy when someone asks me if they can manifest a lottery win. There’s not much you can do to create it beyond buy a ticket and wish really hard, and trust me, there are easier and quicker ways to manifest money.

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Do you want the money or the lifestyle?

Decide what you want, set goals and create a dream board The appeal of the lottery win is the fantasy that all of your dreams can come true instantly.

As fun as it would be to jump into a giant pile of cash, what would you actually do with it? Most of us don’t really want the money; we want what the money represents to us – freedom, no worries, the ability to buy what we want and to help our friends and family.

Do you even want to be a millionaire? Maybe you don’t even need to win the lottery. Could you be using that as an excuse as to why you’re not living the life you want?

Sit and write down your goals on paper. What do you specifically want in your life? How much money do you want, where do you want to live, how do you want to spend your time?

Once you know what those dreams are, create a vision board and put it up everywhere – on your wall, computer or fridge and always have those dreams top of mind.

Just being aware of what you want will make a huge difference in the attainment of your goals, regardless of winning the lottery. Next, calculate how much those dreams will actually cost you. You may not even need to win the money; your dreams are probably within grasp already.

Knowing exactly what you’d like to do with the money and how much you’ll need could create a completely unexpected windfall that has nothing to do with a lottery win. You may attract the right people, opportunities, courses or tools to attain your goals without needing millions of dollars.

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Could you be blocking more money into your life?

Win a chunk of cash Is there anything that could be holding you back from being really wealthy? One that could hold you back from making or creating more money in your life?

Before you think, “That’s ridiculous! Of course I’m ready – bring it on!”… just hear me out.

Last year, I was talking to my friend Jill and she told me how she’d love to win the lottery. She started telling me all the things she’d do with the money. I launched right in with my 2-cents worth.

I found myself telling Jill all the problems that could result if she won the lottery. First, it would cause huge fights in her family over money and her friends would probably be resentful about her new status. Second, statistics show that 95% of lottery winners blow it all after five years, so she’d probably end up broke. Lastly, she’d have to keep her win anonymous because of all the crazy people who would probably stalk her and want to kidnap her children for ransom money.

I’m slightly exaggerating, but her face was falling as I was sharing these negative thoughts, getting more and more animated about why winning the lottery would basically ruin her life. Suddenly I realised these were my negative fears about being incredibly wealthy and I was killing poor Jill’s dream!

It’s impossible to consciously create success if there are unconscious fears or thoughts about the potential outcome. I didn’t want to be stalked or have my friends hate me, and as long as I had that unconscious association with winning the lottery, I would never be able to win it, no matter how many tickets I bought.

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Clear your money blocks to receiving large sums of money

  • Can you think of any downside to having a lot of money and being rich?
  • Would you feel guilty if you suddenly got a lot of money and didn’t have to work for it?
  • Would you feel somewhat cheated about becoming a “successful entrepreneur” if it all just fell in your lap?
  • Would you worry that you’d have the pressure to support your family, including the dead-beat ones?
  • Do you have a sneaking suspicion that you’d waste the money and end up broke?
  • What’s the worst thing that could happen if you won the lottery?

The best way to overcome such negative thoughts is to be aware of when they come up for you and break the pattern using positive affirmations, positive thinking or positive action.

Every time you find a coin in the street, thank the Universe for the sign that abundance is flowing in your life. If you lose money, thank the Universe for the important financial lesson. See everything as a sign that you’re destined to be a rich person.

Practise small – go and play Bingo and visualise yourself winning. I did and won two games in one night, whereas previously I’d be terrified to win in case I yelled “Bingo!” wrong. (How weird is that, but it’s true and I never won when I was stressed about it!)

Get used to winning small things and then build up. Soon, becoming wealthy will seem more achievable.

I still really want to win the lottery!

Visualise celebrating your big lottery win Ok, I understand. You want to win the lottery for its own sake. There’s nothing wrong with that – it’s a totally worthy goal. I officially give you permission to want that.

Are you willing to work on this goal daily? Are you willing to wait as long as it takes?

Jim Carey famously wrote himself a 10 million dollar check in 1983 when he was a struggling comedian and in 1996, he was paid 20 million for The Cable Guy. Could you wait that long and still believe your dream is coming true? Most people would give up.

Are you serious about becoming rich (no matter HOW it shows up?)

Don’t be set on a lotto win being the ONLY way money can come into your life. Here are some other things you could do to show the Universe that you’re really serious about being rich.

  • Buy a lotto ticket regularly if you want, but not with desperation. Be unattached to the outcome but know you’re putting your “hat in the ring”.
  • State on your goal list that you are a rich and specify how much you want to earn
  • Put pictures on your dream board of a giant novelty sized cheque, piles of money and all the things you’d buy with a million dollars
  • Clean up your money habits and prove that you can take care of what you’ve already got. That includes paying your taxes on time (and not fudging it), paying your debts and tracking where your money goes.
  • Get really grateful for your current life. Treat your current car as lovingly as you will your new luxury car.
  • Use your income goal as your password so you type it multiple times a day
  • Put “Millionaire” after your partner’s name in your mobile, so when they call you you’ll be like “Yes!”

Visualise cash flowing into your life Lastly, constantly visualise yourself as a rich person. Think about how good it will be when you have millions in the bank and visualise exactly what you’d do with it.

You may find that when you do these things, good luck starts to manifest in your life. You may win a lucky door prize, or free tickets to the cinema. Keep track of all these wins and be grateful for your good fortune. Know that more is on the way.

In the meantime, don’t put your life on hold until you get that big win. Buy a ticket to your success in other areas of your life – send the book proposal, ask for a pay increase, book the dream holiday and love your spouse.

Money only exaggerates who you already are. Prove to the Universe that you are a happy and prosperous person, regardless of the win, and good fortune will come pouring into your life.

Love and luck,



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